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Was it really "The Truth About Your Dog's Food"?

February 15, 2014   |   By Piers Smart, Scampers Natural Pet Store

Well, after all the hullabaloo, I'm not sure the Channel 5 documentary really gave anyone The Truth About Your Dogs Food. But what the documentary did do is show just how many differing ideas there are about how to feed our pets and it certainly...

Prescription diets

November 14, 2013   |   By David Jackson,

There's no doubt that diet can make an enormous difference to your dog's health so when he's ill, it's only right that your vet should suggest a diet change. Over the last decade or so, the 'veterinary' or 'prescription diet' has become the vet's...

The ingredients list - seeing through the smoke and mirrors!

August 13, 2013   |   By David Jackson,

The ingredients list is your window into the true nature of your dog's diet. Manufacturers cannot lie on the ingredients list, and although there are ways in which the truth can be obscured or embellished, this is usually easy to spot which makes it...

Half of British dogs dying early due to being overweight

May 07, 2013   |   By David Jackson,

Owners could be shortening the lives of their dogs by two years by failing to recognise the life-threatening risks of obesity. Make sure you aren't one of them....

Dry dog food: the cost of convenience

March 20, 2013   |   By David Jackson,

The methods used to produce dry dog foods can vary dramatically and the way a food is prepared can have huge consequences for the nutrients contained within the food. In this article, I'll be looking into the various methods manufacturers use to...

5 human foods you should never give to your dog

November 04, 2012   |   By David Jackson,

One question I am regularly asked by dog owners is "can I give my dog human food?" and the answer is always the same: "Yes,...

Pet food domination: The Big Four Corporations

August 23, 2012   |   By David Jackson,

We all know there are plenty of pet food options out there. All About Dog Food currently features well over 100 dog food brands available in the UK and still has many more to go. Incredibly though, almost 90% of all pet food sales in the UK are from...

Feeding dogs with digestive problems

July 22, 2012   |   By David Jackson,

Dogs, as a whole, have incredible digestive systems. Unfortunately though, as we all know, even these heavyweights of the digestive world have their weaknesses. Infections, stress, too much food or picking up something particularly revolting can all...

Changing dog foods - as easy as 1, 2, 3!

July 05, 2012   |   By David Jackson,

We all need to change our dog's diet from time to time. Whether it's because of a problem with the current food, because you're going on holiday and need a more convenient option, because he's getting older and needs to move to adult or senior food...

Probiotics for dogs

May 17, 2012   |   By David Jackson,

Over the last few years, canine probiotics have skyrocketed in popularity, but with the recent controversy surrounding the health claims associated with human probiotics, do they really...

Dog food 101 - what, when and how much?

May 09, 2012   |   By David Jackson,

Food glorious food! Clearly Oliver Twist didn't have a dog with a dicky tummy. For so many of us, getting our dog's diet right can be a long, stressful and often expensive affair so why is it so difficult? In this article we'll be looking at the...

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