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General discussion / Re: Just What is in Dog Food?
« on: Yesterday at 18:15 »
Truly shocking. Very worrying. All these revelations serve to undermine consumer confidence further :'(

I am sorry to hear this news. I hope you get some definite answers soon. As petmum says, you are clearly doing the best you can to make sure she gets what she needs. :'(

Dog news / Re: Saving the British Bulldog
« on: Mar 11, 2018, 19:17 »
A very sad situation. My local vet often has posts on facebook describing some of the health problems that they are all too often seeing with this breed and also pugs. In particular the breathing problems sound distressing for both the dogs and owners.  :'( I hope something can be done to alleviate these issues in the future.

Hello and welcome to the forum. I mostly feed a raw complete and, yes, my dog does sometimes have more trouble passing a stool. I mostly avoid this happening by adding some pureed veg and rice to her dinner or I will feed a couple of meals of cold pressed kibble.
Given that your dog has had problems, I think I would try and avoid a diet change. Sometimes the higher protein kibbles can upset digestion.
The weight loss is a bit of a worry and something your vet will probably want to keep an eye on. It may be worth bulking out the raw with some brown rice or oats cooked in water and some veg. This may help with both weight loss and constipation without upsetting the digestion again.
Another thing to consider, is that the feeding recommendations are just guidelines. Your dog may need a bit more to maintain her weight. 

General dog chat / Re: How cold is too cold ? Brrrrrrr
« on: Mar 01, 2018, 18:11 »
We haven't really been out for a couple of days but my dog has spotted a mouse in the yard and wouldn't come in yesterday. I went and carried her in when I noticed her holding her paws up. She gets so focused on stalking, that she is oblivious to everything else.

General discussion / Re: To fast or not to fast ?
« on: Feb 25, 2018, 19:10 »
An interesting read Seaweed. I have read some about the benefits of fasting for humans also and it does sounds interesting. However practically I am not sure how well it would work for us. I wouldn't want to be around me if I was fasting as I can get very cranky when hungry  :-[. I think the dog would think she was being punished if we tried to fast her. Being a rescue, it has taken her a while to know that food comes regularly and no one is going to take it away.  It is only in the last year or so that she has been more relaxed at mealtimes. Personally I wouldn't want to do anything which may set her back.

Markus Muhle was the first food I fed after my bag of food, provided  by the rescue centre was finished. My dog did really well on it. She had been thin and a bit smelly and greasy but she was a stray so that was probably due to  her time on the streets rather than the food she had been on at the rescue. She is also having lukullus now as it comes in handy smaller bags. For those opting for cold pressed, it is good to know that there are good affordable options.

Dog foods / Re: Rottweiler Dry Food Help!!
« on: Feb 22, 2018, 19:16 »
Hello and welcome to the forum. For a dog with no specific health issues, It is hard for members to recommend a particular food as all dogs are different and finding one that suits and that your dog likes, is mostly trial and error. You can look at this thread for advice on how to use the quick search tool and find some different foods. If you find one that you like the look of, feel free to ask about it as some members may have had experience feeding it.

I haven't used them myself but it might be worth adding some fish or flax seed oil to her diet to see if it helps her skin. Good Luck.

General dog chat / Super shoppers
« on: Feb 21, 2018, 20:53 »
I just turned on to hear this programme advise pet owners that any food that said complete on the packet was fine to feed. They were comparing Pedigree to Royal Canin so with those particular brands, probably not worth the extra money for the Royal Canin. Nevertheless very worrying that there was no mention of ingredients and differences in quality and I felt by showing other foods such as forthglade and lilly's kitchen, the implication was that the consumer may as well save their money and stick to the foods with more questionable ingredients.   :(  Very disturbing and concerning.

Dog foods / Re: Confused about what to feed my puppy!
« on: Feb 19, 2018, 19:09 »
Hello and welcome to the forum. There has been lots of debate about high protein and it how may influence behaviour and possibly contribute towards hyperactivity. Personally. I am inclined to think that. like many things, this will depend on the individual dog. I have found that higher or lower protein doesn't seem to make much difference for my dog.  Unfortunately finding a food to suit individual dogs is often lots of trial and error.

Dottie has added this thread which is very informative in terms of  digestive issues.

It seems that the current food isn't suiting and I am inclined to think that eating soil may be due to something lacking in his diet. My dog did it for a while then stopped with a diet change.

Hello and welcome to the forum. I have heard other owners say that they have noticed a change in different foods they have fed but it is't something I have experienced myself. Happily the foods I buy have been consistent as far as I can tell. I am no expert and I don't think my dog would refuse to eat anything even if the recipe or quality changed. :-\

That was a really interesting read. Not having a 'fussy dog' I always assumed it was often behavioural. I suppose our dogs can't tell us if the food is making them feel ill.  I also suffer from IBS and only eat wheat very occasionally, so it makes sense that dogs may avoid foods they associate with discomfort :'(

Watching my dog, It is clear that she gets something from chewing fresh new grass and eating it frantically at times, presumably to settle her stomach. She also went through a spell of eating earth clods when she was on one food so I wondered if she was getting something that she was lacking. I changed food and it stopped.

Food for thought indeed.

Dog foods / Re: Liver problems
« on: Feb 12, 2018, 18:07 »
Hello and welcome to the forum. It sounds like your dog has already had big improvements in her health since you had her so you have done a good job so far. I don't know much about liver conditions or Wellness food but hopefully somebody may be able to advise.  If the vet can give you a percentage of fat and fibre that you should be aiming for, then you can use the filters to the left of the dog food directory . You have the option to click nutrient levels then can input them with the slider. This will then show you some foods which meat the criteria. Look for the rating to tell you which food scores highest. The higher rated foods tend to be better in terms of clearly labelled and quality of ingredients.  You can get to the directory by clicking 'foods' at the top of this page.

Raw feeding / Re: Dog always hungry on nature’s menu
« on: Feb 11, 2018, 10:45 »
Hello and welcome to the forum. I have fed the nuggets for a while and found exactly the same. My dog was hungry and lost weight. She is on nutriment now and doing fine. Her stools are much smaller than they were on natures menu. When she was having that, she had large stools that always seemed to be full of hard peas. I emailed the company, and at that time they were adding dried peas.  I would have had to have fed her well over the RDA to keep her sated and her weight stable as so much of it was not being digested.

Dog foods / Re: Feeding a cockapoo raw or wet
« on: Feb 07, 2018, 17:59 »
I am pleased to hear that Freddie is doing well. Long may it continue.

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