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Dog foods / Re: Feeding a cockapoo raw or wet
« on: Jan 15, 2018, 18:15 »
Hello and welcome to the forum,
Just to share my experiences. I feed raw but as Dottie says, the stools are often small and sometimes my dog has a job to get them out.  If she seems to struggle, I will feed a few meals of cold pressed food or add the brown rice and some veg to her raw meals. Both work well and I have not had an issue with anal glands since the first few months that we had her. I have also fed the naturediet in the past which is similar to forthglade. This also resulted in healthy looking stools but I had quite a few spoiled containers.  I didn't go from raw to wet though, it was the other way around.

I will look forward to the full report. How exciting.

Dog news / Re: Complementary and alternative medicines
« on: Jan 12, 2018, 18:26 »
Interesting. Thank you Seaweed. I am not sure how I feel about this one.  I understand the importance of evidence based practice but I also think it is important to have choices when it comes to the welfare of our pets. I suppose the worry is, that without the tests, the pros but more importantly the potential dangers of alternative medicines, are unknown. That said, I have no doubt that the same could be argued about mainstream medications.The doctors may have a good understanding of the side effects (sometimes) but I doubt the average person  does. I don't believe they are always used appropriately either. Good nutrition seems to be getting a reputation for being a huge contributing factor in preventing and even reversing some health conditions but a large number of medics and  vets are not on board with that yet.
Sadly it does appear, that the mainstream view often supports the financial interests of the big businesses.

Dog foods / Re: Best food for Pomeranian puppy
« on: Jan 12, 2018, 17:59 »
Hello and welcome to the forum,
I would recommend that you don't feed him any human food. Firstly the lack of consistency may not be helping his digestive issues at all and secondly, it sounds like he is already worked out that if he leaves his food, something better (in his eyes) will appear. I don't have a fussy eater but I think the general advice is to leave his food down for about 20 minutes. If it isn't eaten, take it away and wait until the next meal. Don't feed anything else in between then try again at the next meal time. I am guessing he will eat when hungry but you need to stay strong and not be tempted to feed him in between his meal times or keep trying different foods to encourage him.

You can find some general advice about feeding puppies here

Does he like the wet food on its own as it is complete food and would be fine to feed without the dry food. There is quite a bit of information on The hills Science diet on the forum and it only scores an average rating. I would consider stopping that. Ideally any new food should be introduced gradually but that might be hard if your pup won't eat his regular food. The first link I added also explains the best way to change foods.

There is so much choice and if you want any information about a particular food, hopefully some members may have had some experiences to share. Also there are lots of threads about various foods to browse through.
 There are so many variables and each dog is different. Most have us have just settled on a food that suits through trial and error.

You can also look at this thread to see how to search for a suitable food. It should give you some ideas. I hope this helps. Good Luck.

Dog foods / Re: Help! Need advice on feeding my pup!
« on: Jan 08, 2018, 17:10 »
Hello and welcome to the forum. Could you tell us if his stools were runny on the natures way, or has it just been since you had to change?

General discussion / Re: What is the future of Dog Food?
« on: Jan 04, 2018, 20:05 »
A great find Seaweed. Very exciting indeed. It would be fabulous to be able to feed your pet an appropriate diet which has less impact on the environment and the animal kingdom. The health aspect makes it even more appealing. If the revolutionary food measures up and taste good, I would imagine that it will be very popular. Here's hoping that it isn't too long until it becomes a reality.

Dog foods / Re: Best food for my mini poodle
« on: Jan 04, 2018, 18:13 »
Hello and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately finding a food to suit individual dogs is often lots of trial and error. It does sound like your dog is reacting to something in his food as he was doing all right before the change.
I had a look at evolution and it does have a mixture of protein sources making it difficult to identify what may be causing a problem. Canagan has less ingredients and is grain free but again it has multiple protein sources.  You could have some  allergy testing for your dog which can be expensive or try a food with few ingredients and a single source of protein. Initially it may be helpful to look for a new protein source then introduce something that was in the foods that he was eating when he was itchy. That way if the itching starts again you will know what is responsible and can cut it from his diet. You can then try introducing other things one at at time to see what happens. Some examples of single protein foods are Acana  and forthglade Others may be able to suggest different foods  that may be useful. Good luck.

Feeding dogs with health problems / Re: Smelly dog
« on: Jan 03, 2018, 18:02 »
My dog used to smell fishy often when we first had her. This did seem to stop after we switched her to a cold pressed food and she hasn't had a recurrence even though we have given her some different foods since. She is now mostly on raw with some home cooked and some cold pressed. It could have been the change of food that settled it but it is also plausible that she did it due to stress. She took a while for her to settle in.
Have you noticed any patterns to when it happens? EG after walks.

Dog foods / Re: High protein and behaviour issues
« on: Jan 02, 2018, 20:36 »
Hello and welcome to the forum. There has been lots of debate about high protein and it how may influence behaviour. Personally. I am inclined to think that. like many things, this will depend on the individual dog. I have found that higher or lower protein doesn't seem to make much difference for my dog.
The protein levels in the pooch and mutt are within the average range and in fourthglade, they are fairly high. so personally I wouldn't be worried that she isn't having enough. If it is working for you and your dog, that's great.
It would be good if you can update and let us know if the change in her mood persists. Oh course sometimes they just mellow with age but if she is healthy, has good stools and isn't itchy with digestive upset, then I wouldn't worry.

I do worry about this.  It can be even more of a concern with a small dog. I have to say, my dog received a few food treats from people over the festive period and if I haven't been able to break really small bits off, they have been given to people with bigger dogs, if they have wanted them.

Dog foods / Re: Changing from Hills ID prescription food
« on: Dec 30, 2017, 09:50 »
I haven't looked at Tribal before but it looks pretty good. It scores similar to lukkulus which is higher in fibre but isn't grain free. However it contains brown rice which, can often be tolerated well. seehere
It is really difficult to know what will work for your dog so trial and error is really the only way to find out. I know this can be a worry especially when things have settled down. There are many dog owners who have found a solution to their dog's health issues other than prescription diets .

You could also look into the possibility of allergy testing to give you an idea of what to avoid or try a strict elimination diet where you start with very limited ingredients and reintroduce other things one at a time to see if your dog reacts badly to anything.

Dog foods / Re: Changing from Hills ID prescription food
« on: Dec 29, 2017, 21:15 »
Hello and welcome to the forum, There is some information about prescription foods here
There seems to be lots of anecdotal evidence around to suggest that cold pressed foods may be helpful in terms of settling digestive issues but it will be down to trial and error which one may be best for your dog. Your budget may be a deciding factor as some of the cold pressed foods are expensive.
I haven't had much experience with wet foods but if you use the dogfooddirectory you can look for foods that have high digestibility and that are hypoallergenic, low in fat and high in fibre. Good luck.

General discussion / Re: Vegan, Vegetarian or Meat
« on: Dec 26, 2017, 11:55 »
I will look forward to hearing how you get on with this ofs.

General discussion / Re: Help on labeling requirements
« on: Dec 17, 2017, 16:25 »
Hello and welcome to the forum. I would be interested to know what you find out.  Good luck with your venture. I hope you can go ahead without too many obstacles.

Introductions / Re: Newbie
« on: Dec 17, 2017, 16:10 »
Hello and welcome to the forum. From the expression on his face, Alfie looks like a real character. What a fabulous 50th present. It is my OH's coming up soon but I don't think he would appreciate a puppy :'(

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