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I can only find one company who make a suitable kibble.. (If you know any others, please let me know!)
Avoiding white fish, herring, sardine,  tuna, mackerel, trout, fish oils, canola oil, vegetable oils, and plant oils you might explore the "Happy cat" adult range, a food made in Germany and available in UK.

Here is a link to the lamb variety: Happy cat adult lamb

Thanks Meg.. I did a quick search but it looks like only a few Canidae dog foods are available in the UK; (at imported prices). I'll keep looking!
Canidae cat food is also available here: "Pet Shopper is pleased to announce that it has been selected to be one of the first UK stockist's of Canidae Pet food". Albeit, so far, they are offering solely a couple of cat food varieties. One of these may be suitable with ingredients of Chicken (17%), Chicken Meal (17%), Turkey Meal (17%), Potatoes (17%), Peas (17%), Chicken Fat, Lamb Meal (2%), Gravy, Menhaden Fish Meal. Else perhaps contacting their customer services, asking about any availability of further kibbles  - for example their Grain Free Pure Control - may prove fruitful, fingers crossed. Details by email are:  and their address is 32 Burscough St, Ormskirk, Lancs, L39 2ES.

It's still going quite well here, although it looks like he has been scratching his forehead - the hair is thinning and there's a small open wound. I won't panic just yet because the abscess is still there and he's been prescribed more antibiotics.. so if his little body is fighting infection, it's not the ideal time for a food trial.
Poor cat, he's having a tough time of it at the moment. I'm thinking it may be that this particular episode of scratching on his forehead could be linked to his abscess, causing him a degree of referred discomfort.

On another issue, I do wonder about the lack of oil in his diet now. There seem to be quite a few pet foods that contain no oils but still claim to be 'complete and balanced'.
Words like complete on pet foods are defined specifically and EU regulation (number 767/2009) in paragraph (i) of Article 3 states the definition thus:
"  'complete feed’ means compound feed which, by reason of its composition, is sufficient for a daily ration;  ".
   By contrast paragraph (j) in that same article follows with a definition of complimentary pet food as:
 "  ‘complementary feed’ means compound feed which has a high content of certain substances but which, by reason of its composition, is sufficient for a daily ration only if used in combination with other feed;  ".
   And "compound feed" is defined in the earlier paragraph (h) as:
"  ‘compound feed’ means a mixture of at least two feed materials, whether or not containing feed additives, for oral animal-feeding in the form of complete or complementary feed;  "

This is a confirmation of protection afforded by EU law regarding complete cat food that indicates a 'sufficiency' per day. With this in mind I'd want to especially check whether a suggestion of a supplement of anchovy or krill oil is specifically for your cat's needs, as a supplement to a complete cat food?

Would anyone like to help by adding to the information in this poll?

And by taking part you are helping the results to reflect the current feeding trends.  ;)

[And if you prefer you can vote in the poll without writing a post and that's appreciated too.]

Dog foods / Re: Strict diet and fussy eaters
« on: Sep 14, 2017, 00:24 »
Hello elfie73 and welcome to the forum!

Some great advice from Dottie already, and if I might also advocate trying cold pressed in this instance.

I've been pleasantly surprised at how cold pressed food is tolerated thus far when eaten by an intolerent-of-several-ingredients( :o) young dog here.

If you suspect your dogs may prefer a change from a completely dry dog food, another suggestion may be to try a semi-moist dry dog food. These type of foods are mentioned in the allaboutdogfood dog food directory here:

Apologies for late post Meg.. .......... (By the way - have you looked at CLEANLABELPROJECT.ORG? ...).

Yes quite an eye-opener methinks!   There is mention in the allaboutdogfood forum on a thread headed "Just What is in Dog Food?".
Here is a link if anyone would like a peruse:

Hi Loucat and thank you so much for the update, and your information will be helpful to others who may be experiencing similar situations.

And yes, with your current progress,  viz "My boy's been on his new diet for a few days now.. only occasional scratching at the moment and he already looks much happier! I am trying not to get my hopes up but it's the best progress in a very long time." it sounds, like a marvellous start for him and I'm so pleased to hear this.  Armed with those results from Nutriscan, and the extra knowledge of ingredients that are avoided, I'm hoping that your cat continues to make steady progress. And as you've already established, Jean is extremely knowledgeable and willing to help.  8)

Hopefully, through the forum we can give some thought to kibbles that may 'suit' him, avoiding WHITEFISH, HERRING, SARDINE,  TUNA, MACKEREL, TROUT, fish oils, canola oil, vegetable oils, plant oils..... No mean feat and you have done well to already find one!

Canidae have a kibble which potentially ticks those boxes : Grain Free Pure Control though I'm wondering if that specific variety of Canidae kibble is available in UK? I'm aware of other Canidae kibbles sold here and so I'd suggest it may be helpful to contact your local pet shop (in addition to online sellers?) to help with availability, that is, if this is a kibble you'd want to try.

Thank you again for letting us know of his progress.

That's interesting, thank you for your help with this.

When you had those problems in the past, I hope you won't mind my asking if there were other filters or sliders changed, (in addition to the dog's weight slider)?

And if those problems were experienced when using the website from a mobile device?

I'm only asking in an attempt to recreate the circumstances of the issue and once that can be established, it should hopefully be 'easier' to correct.

There is a request from David, the website owner, namely:

"I need to ask a quick favour. Someone has kindly been in touch to say that the dog's weight sliders on the site have stopped working but whenever I test them at my end, everything seems fine so I'm wondering how many more people are getting the same issue.

 If you've got a second, please drop by the dog food directory, change the 'dog's weight' slider at the top and let me know whether or not the price per day figures for the foods change

David - having tested this so far on a desktop,  I haven't been successful finding any sequence of test variables which fail. The weight slider appears to be working really well, and the price per day figures change accordingly.
I wonder, is there any other coding that may be influencing price-per-day aside from the dogs-weight variable?

If anyone is able to check the slider, then please could you kindly post how it's working;  perhaps here on the forum or on the allaboutdogfood facebook page which is here:

General discussion / Re: Deal of the week
« on: Sep 07, 2017, 01:19 »
Buying Billy + Margot wet dog food and treats together (in a bundle)  -  currently available at 30% off.

 Please note the discount is being offered for specific bundles.

And here is the link:

30% off Billy+Margot wet food plus treats bundles

General discussion / Re: Deal of the week
« on: Sep 07, 2017, 01:05 »
Zooplus have an offer of 10% off  Forthglade range of foods. The code to use is 10FORTHGLADE

And here is the link:

10% off Forthglade

General discussion / Re: Deal of the week
« on: Sep 07, 2017, 00:59 »
......and please may I add to your post Anita that Lily's Kitchen is also available at 33% off from zooplus and the code there is 33LILYSK

Here is the link:
33% off Lily's Kitchen

Forum rules / Re: Any advice
« on: Sep 07, 2017, 00:49 »
 I think it's fair to say that any reliance on kibble alone, for maintaining healthy canine teeth, does seem these days, to be insufficient, given the fairly commonplace veterinary dental work that occurs.

That said I'd be tempted by feeding the greater surface areas of mixed shaped baked kibble over a uniform all-the-same-size kibble, if I were 'pushed' to pick kibble alone for helping with any tooth cleaning abrasive action that kibble might offer.

Unfortunately, many dogs simply cannot tolerate their teeth being cleaned by toothbrush, finger sleeve, or finger(!) :o and in these cases, there are alternatives and some of these have been mentioned in the earlier posts.

Raw bones remain, in my experience, as exceptional canine teeth cleaners and I do give these frequently, mostly raw chicken wings and lamb spines for dogs who chew before swallowing; marrow bones and beef ribs for those dogs that enjoy gnawing.

Forum rules / Re: Any advice
« on: Sep 07, 2017, 00:30 »
Hello Edses and welcome to the forum!

Some great advice already. I'd like to add my thoughts too.....if your dog is starting to show a disinterest in kibble and yet continues to favour wet meat, my first thoughts are that it seems quite likely that it may be due to the texture of the kibble. And for this reason I'd be tempted to explore feeding a semi-moist kibble.

Both of the foods you mention are manufactured by the method of extrusion and the resulting extruded kibbles are hard and of the same shape. By comparison there are kibbles manufactured using different processes, eg cold pressed kibble is harder and compact and each looks the same, like pellets. Semi-moist kibbles are softer and moister than extruded kibbles and the kibbles are of the same shape. Baked kibble is as hard as extruded kibble,  and each kibble is shaped differently.

I've been having a meander into the topic of living with 'man's best friend' and pondering (as you do  8)) on how lucky we are to have been blessed with the acceptance and companionship of dogs that accompany us throughout and on our life's journey.....

This set me to conclude that there must surely be certain times of the day, which are simply, and for whatever reason, those rather more special times, perhaps even the favourite time spent with our dogs. (Or perhaps there are simply too many special times to count! ;) )

 It's so rewarding to be part of such happy gratitude as can be shown by dogs whenever we reappear in their world. For this reason the hands-down winner for me is that first time of each day, when, no matter the circumstances, there is a truly wonderful, loving greeting as though I've been away for ages!!

Does anyone have a favourite or special time of day with their dog?

Thank you, it sounds like the tissue salts are a calcium, a potassium and 2 sodium minerals in that particular product.

I hope your launch goes well.  Meanwhile, here is an interesting article for anyone to peruse about the use of tissue salts, with pets. Written by Dr Karen Becker :

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