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Gravy / broth / sauce in dog food

Gravy / broth / sauce

The terms gravy, broth and sauce can be used for a wide range of ingredients in pet foods.

In wet foods the terms generally refer to the water in which some or all of the ingredients have been cooked. Occasionally extra ingredients like salt can be added to the liquid without being listed on the ingredients list.

In dry foods the terms often refer to a natural flavouring that is sprayed on to dry foods at the end of manufacturing. In this case it is usually made up of a combination of meat and oils.

Because there don't seem to be any strict definitions for gravy, sauce or broth in pet foods, the terms are open to abuse and some nutritionists have suggested that they may be used for less attractive ingredients like digest. If you are at all unsure about the ingredients of your dog food, it is always best to contact the manufacturer directly.

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