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Acana is made by Champion Petfoods - the same Canadian company that produces Orijen. Like the very popular Orijen range, Acana's Grain-free range is built around a very high meat content (although not quite as high as Orijen), a broad range of top-end vegetables, fruits and herbs and zero cereals.

Acana Grain-free contains a very respectable 60% meat. It is worth noting though that much of this is fresh meat, so once the water is removed the dry meat content will be quite a bit less. Nevertheless, this is still more than the vast majority of dry foods and the quality of the meat is second to none.

Champion Petfoods believe that modern dogs are largely unchanged from wolves and the Acana ingredients lists are tailored to reflect this. Each food is based on the type of foods that would once have been available to wolves in a certain North American environments: Grasslands, Wild Prairie, Ranchlands and Pacifica. Acana also attempts to recreate the variety that a wild diet would entail with several meat and fish sources in each food as well as a whole host of vegetables, fruits and herbs. Although not all nutritionists agree with this philosophy, nobody can deny that Acana contains an excellent selection of top-end ingredients.

Like the rest of the Acana range, the Grain-free foods are free from all common allergy causing ingredients and artificial additives making them suitable for sensitive dogs. Their zero grain content also makes them a popular back-up choice for raw-feeders.

A bag of Acana does not come in cheap but once you factor in the remarkably low suggested feeding amounts, the price per day actually works out to be fairly economical. In fact, for most dogs the Wild Prairie variety actually works out as one of the least expensive foods to feed in it's class.

Conclusion: A top quality, grain-free, high meat food and a lot more economical than the price tag suggests.

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