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As our regular visitors will know, raw dog foods are the new black. Although raw feeders have been around for a while, up until fairly recently, raw feeding has always meant buying and preparing the raw ingredients yourself. This takes time, money and a certain amount of expertise and as a result it struggled to reach the mainstream, but over the last few years freezers have started popping up in pet shops up and down the country to hold the growing number of pre-prepared raw foods that are coming on to the market. And at their forefront is Norfolk based Anglian Meat Products with their Natures Menu range.

The idea behind raw feeding is that modern dogs are physiologically unchanged from their wolf ancestors who would have eaten, and been perfectly adapted to, a diet of exclusively raw foods. I should point out that not everyone agrees on this point. I, for example, believe that the tens of thousands of years (some studies suggest up to 30,000 years) dogs have been living side-by-side with man and therefore eating food provided by us, including cooked foods, combined with selective breeding and the dog's rapid generation time, would have provided ample opportunity for the dog's digestive system to adapt to the new diet, but it's important not to get too bogged down in canine nutritional theory.

The fact is, whatever way you look at it, Natures Menu Frozen Nuggets are very good foods. Each of the four varieties contains 55% high quality meat from three or four animal species to ensure variety and balance. Add to that the good selection of vegetables and nutritious supplements like pre-biotics and extracts from green tea and grape seeds and you know you're on to a winner. Thanks to this range of ingredients, Natures Menu Frozen Nuggets contain everything your dog needs and can be fed alone.

Natures Menu Frozen Nuggets are completely natural, hypoallergenic and don't contain any controversial ingredients at all but, unlike a lot of raw foods, they are not grain free. They contain a relatively small proportion of brown rice - an ingredient that we have always found to be very beneficial to dogs but also one that might put off some dog owners specifically looking for a grain free food.

Conclusion: A convenient, top-quality, natural option for raw feeders.

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