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According to the website, Pooch & Co is built around the principal that pet food should be approached in exactly the same way that we do our own diet. This means the whole range is free from artificial additives as well as all of the most common allergy causing ingredients making them completely hypoallergenic.

Like many dog foods in this class, Pooch & Co is heavily based on meat meal and white rice. Over the last couple of decades, this approach has come to dominate the dry, natural dog food market and for good reason: it is extremely versatile and very easy for most dogs to digest. Pooch & Co have 3 adult varieties, all very similar but with different meat sources to add a bit more variety to your dog's diet.

The meat meal found in Pooch & Co is certainly high quality and unlike many competitor products, Pooch & Co specify exactly how much meat meal is contained in each variety eliminating the need for any guesswork.

White rice isn't the most nutritious grain - in fact it is almost entirely made of energy rich but nutritionally poor starch - but it is very easy for most dogs to digest making it a good choice for sensitive dogs. Barley is more nutritious but since the amount isn't specified, the foods could in theory be quite grain rich which won't appeal to everyone.

The remaining ingredients are all fairly standard nutritional supplements: beet pulp for fibre, yeast for B vitamins and protein, poultry fat for... well, fat. Additional omega 3 oils are always welcome as they are essential for good health but can often be quite low in pet foods.

Although the Pooch & Co recipe isn't exactly groundbreaking, where it does really stand out is on price. Compared to similar products from the likes of James Wellbeloved, Pooch & Co is considerably less expensive per kilo, and, on a couple of points, a better food.

Conclusion: A good hypoallergenic dog food at a good price.

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