Author Topic: Air Dried &/or Freeze Dried......Anyone daily feeding these foods ?  (Read 10268 times)


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Quote from: KatrinH

Oops sorry Coaster. I was reading Chris' post and for some reason I must have misread it. Thought there@ was a search for new high quality food that is less expensive than ZiwiPeak or Orijen. Looking back I can see that it was about why ZiwiPeak was chosen. My bet.

KatrinH.......No problem - (i just wanted to avoid confusion)..... I started the thread purely to provoke discussion on Air Dried &/or Freeze Dried as I suspected relatively few owners fed same. I mentioned certain product names to add retail context by naming some foods avalable. Anyway I am glad discussion has followed...........................

Has discussion thus far changed my views ?  Not a lot.........Essentially my opinion of decent air & freeze dried foods remains the same - they appear to be excellent,  (essentially dried raw complete), foods.....Unfortunately the costs remain genuinely too high for many to either afford or justify , (even those who genuinely take a proactive interest in dog nutrition & health)....particularly owners of larger breeds.

I shall continue to keep an eye on this area of the dog food industry. I suspect prices need to be closer to higher end more established food types before volume sales represent a more significant share of the market......As for promoting these high end foods  - Chris could surely do a fine job ;)

Thanks to those that have contributed to discussions thus far :)

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