Author Topic: Any advice on which food to help red/ brown tear staining from eyes ?  (Read 9800 times)


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Hi Trixiebell ..I have this problem with one of my two Shih tzu crosses is cross bichon (he has the tear staining) the other is cross chihuahua he does not . They are both healthy in other ways ..eyes checked by vet, but so far the only way I have helped is by keeping on top of it ..I clean the eyes each morning with Pure baby wipes and trim any tiny hairs around the eyes in case they irratate.
I am very intrested in the fact it could be a chicken allergy, I recently switched to My Mad Dog chicken and rice as it is Hypoallergenic but Im now beginning to think there could be a link..he also gets an itchy skin and was going to try Burns Alert Chicken and Brown rice as it has lots of good oils in it .. but maybe it would be best to try a feed without chicken.
Thanks for starting this thread Trixiebell ..given me lots to think about.


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I know this is a old thread but wondering if you got the tear stains under control yet Dottie?
I experienced the same as you have with my Shih Tzu's and just found out what is causing it and how I finally got it cleared up.
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I have three dogs, all dark in colour so tear staining is not a problem for me.  I'm glad that you have found the source of the problem in your own dog.  Please can you let us know what it was caused by?  I am sure that it would be useful for other people who have pets that suffer with this.
Your post and comments may be helpful to others. Please remember to update your thread. Feedback to the forum is appreciated.

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This is well worth a read for the advice given, and the results speak for themselves.


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My male is very sensitive to environmental contact and allergic to many foods. After reaching maturity he started with the tear stains which developed to red dye yeast very quickly.
After great research and trials I found he was reacting to artificial dyes, beet pulp, and grain in kibble.
After treating with vellus and boric powder ( NOT borax that's a insecticide or washing powders) and shampoo.
He's free of tear staining


3 weeks later

Today Stain Free

Living in the UK but my heart belongs to Georgia

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