Author Topic: Food for dog with on-off diarrhea  (Read 8955 times)


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Re: Food for dog with on-off diarrhea
« Reply #15 on: Jan 07, 2015, 19:51 »
I haven't had Lukullus but Gentle pieces are quite small and very easy to crunch - you can snap the pieces in half yourself.  She wouldn't choke on them, that's for sure.  Also, the cold pressed foods are very good softened with warm water.  If you look here you will see the difference between digestion of cold pressed food and kibble.  My lot have perfect poos on this type of food.

Regarding the weight, it might be worth considering letting her have a few rest days or perhaps reducing the exercise to see if that will help her to get up to her expected size.  I have a feeling that even working dogs might not get that amount of exercise on a daily basis. 

Going back to the diarrhoea, this is just a thought but when she is off lead dashing about, is there any chance that she is picking up rubbish to eat?  I only ask because when I have mine off the lead I have to keep a really close eye on them as they will scoff anything they can get hold of.   

I hope that the Pooch and co food helps your dog and that you soon see an improvement.  Please let us know how you get on with it.
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Re: Food for dog with on-off diarrhea
« Reply #16 on: Jan 08, 2015, 16:07 »
How quickly would you see an allergy as oppose to an intolerance to something in food? I only starting feeding the new food yesterday but my dog woke up with a gloopy eye and has been itching more than usual today. But I'm not sure an allergy would react that quickly? Could be a coincidence

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Re: Food for dog with on-off diarrhea
« Reply #17 on: Jan 08, 2015, 23:35 »
An allergy would be an immediate response with many symptoms in many parts of the body possible, where an intolerance is more likely to build more slowly with diarrhoea the most likely fist symptom due to colitis

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