Author Topic: Does anyone have any experience with this new little tracking device?  (Read 1499 times)


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Hi all,
My family chose to get a beautiful male black lab. We love him already, but he has shown the ability to be quite adventurous which has me a bit worried.
I am leaning towards getting one of these little devices that isn't as expensive as some of the older ones that I have seen .
I feel like something like this would make my family less paranoid. That little device is about the size of a small coin so it doesn't seem like it should bother him much. As a pet owner, I can't see why it wouldn't be a good idea to use one.

Does anyone think wearing one could cause any problems?

-thanks in advance for your response!


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This forum is not really the best place to enquire about this kind of thing as it is about nutrition.  You might get a better answer on a general pet forum.
I have no experience of tracking devices but I did have a look at some on the Internet a few years ago when someone who I know had one of their dogs go missing.  She got the dog back and was going to buy a tracker in case he got loose again.  They were expensive and I wasn't impressed because they have a limited range.  IIRC the price increased in line with the range. 

My advice would be to keep your dog on a lead or long training lead if you do not have a sound, solid recall.  Labradors can cover a lot of ground in a very short space of time.  They are also very good jumpers and with a good run can clear some height when it comes to fences/gates.  As well as getting lost and harming themselves, a loose dog could cause a serious road accident.  IMHO it would be best if you spent the money on making sure that your garden is totally secure.  Also consider purchasing a training lead but only use with a harness, not on a collar.  Of course teaching a good recall is also a good thing.
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