Author Topic: What is it that 'bugs' you in the world of dogs??!  (Read 2799 times)


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Re: What is it that 'bugs' you in the world of dogs??!
« Reply #15 on: May 16, 2017, 12:32 »
My bugbears in dog world include the owner of the dog who is nowhere to be seen when their dog runs off with belongings that do not belong to their dog.  :o :o grrr

Picture the scenario if you will...... a group (of humans) playing and have left a few garments on the ground, maybe a top, a cloth bag, a shoe, and whoosh! in an instant 'opportunist' dog arrives.... sniffs... grabs... and he's off...  with the object of interest!!.
  Let the 'I'm-having-fun-you-gotta-chase-me' games begin.


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Re: What is it that 'bugs' you in the world of dogs??!
« Reply #16 on: May 16, 2017, 15:26 »
Where I walk most locals owners are relatively laid back with off lead walking. As a result most local dogs are fairly chiiled, the well socialised dogs often sorting things out between themselves well enough.

If one of our two makes an unwanted approach & gets barked at I get over it, smply recalling our dogs if they don't take initiative to move away or head closer to me.  Usually ours are pretty good at weighing up other dogs & deciding if an interacton is worthwhile or not.

My castrated Lab usually with excellent recall can still occasionally try to hump other dogs. I deal with this pretty firmly. I accept this is not ideal & could lead to a dangerous interaction. He never barks or shows teeth doing this. We usually go weeks or months without this issue & then he might do it twice in a week. Usually he does this to other similar colured Labs, so I usually leash or distract him if I spot one in our vicinity. If he got bitten doing this i would not take issue  unless other owner failed to intervene during a sustained attack.

Sure we have had some unwanted moments but locally I find Instances of aggressive dogs unexpectedly  running up to ours with teeth out are a rarity. I have certainly never seen either of ours do this & would be very firm in the moment  at first sign of it.

If things do go wrong I do accept the owner/handler to make some sort of effort to deal with the problem. I certainly find it unacceptable when dogs that are clearly aggressive step out of line with little or no intervention.

Oh and yes I have ended up dog sitting on walks.......usually because the dogs concerned have found it more interesting to tag along.

Right....enough typing time for another dog walk - hopefully I have not jinxed it.

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