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Good to hear, but I would not have thought otherwise :)

Dog foods / Re: Severe Food Allergies
« on: Jun 20, 2019, 23:15 »
Hi. Check out the Acana Singles range. They do a pork single protein and a pilchard single protein. I've had a quick look and I don't think either contain potatoes or grains.

Sounds good, just keep the routine going.
A product called Plaque Off helps keep tartar softish and easier to remove :)

I totally agree you must always do what you are comfortable with. I would never say any different.

My Bella is a gulper, many a times she's swallowed a biggish piece of wing/thigh but she always hacks it back up, chews it up a bit more to finish it.
I don't panic when this happens and leave her to do her thing, she just does a couple of big urges and the bone is back up. I wouldn't stress her or panic her at this time.
I may be wrong but my way of thinking is if it goes down, they can regurgitate.
Chicken bones providing they are not cooked are soft.
Marrow bones are much harder, my dogs work their teeth against them trying to get the marrow from the middle but they couldn't bite off a lump of bone as my dogs are small and their jaws are not that powerful. (+ the bone is too big for them to swallow).
Lamb bones from Morrisons are good too, they are soft enough for them to eat, as well as having to chew them for while.
My 3 love a bone, to me that's what dogs do. If anything happened I wouldn't change the way I feed them, as I believe it's species appropriate.
Just my opinion :)

No I don't trim anything off. No there's not much meat but plenty of fats. Chicken feet are good too, less meat but plenty of the grizzly joints which is good for dogs. Mine love their chicken in the morning. You could get him a smaller sized marrow bone as he will use different teeth trying to get the marrow out and it will keep him occupied for ages.

I have 3 toy dogs and they have a chicken wing or a small drumstick every other morning. I usually just throw them out on the patio for them... they love them. Does help to keep their teeth clean.

Dog foods / Re: Suggestions to stop sloppy poos!
« on: Apr 08, 2019, 14:20 »
Go easy on the liver cake. One of mine are the same when I  give her a little too much. Akela is a fantastic kibble, but don't overfeed. Acana grasslands ( the chicken one) has more fibre which could help. I had my 3 toy dogs on this for years with homecooked food mixed in and they never had a problem. There's plenty in the press about Champion petfoods atm but personally I don't think there's much around to beat their quality.

Raw feeding / Re: Michie's of Cornwall
« on: Jan 13, 2019, 14:27 »
Hi. Thought I might add I met with owner last summer when visiting a country fair in Wadebridge. Seemed a nice genuine chap and passionate about what they do. I bought some of their dried treats and the dogs loved them...

Raw feeding / Re: Vet Nick Thompson talks Raw Feeding
« on: Dec 28, 2018, 14:07 »
That was a great find Seaweed, thank you.
Certainly picked up a couple of good tips.
So instead of adding peas and carrots (sweet veg's) to my homecooked I'm going to choose cabbage or another green veg.

I don't feed any kibble at all now, just something raw in the morning like a chicken thigh, duck neck or a meaty beef or lamb bone and then homecooked in the evening.
The dogs appear to be thriving on it... and best of all clean teeth 

Dog foods / Re: New puppy food (imperial)
« on: Dec 18, 2018, 20:48 »
Hi Scott
Looking at their website the puppy plus doesn't give a breakdown of the ingredients used.
For that reason I'd be wary and go for a food where all ingredients are listed.

Protein 30%
Fats 24%
Cellulose 2,5%
Ash 7,5%

Seems to me to be a lot if fat in that dry food? I'm assuming that it is extruded?
Does anyone know what STQ means?

Are you in the UK Scott, if so there are plenty of great choices. Sorry I can't be more help as I homecook for mine.

Introductions / Re: Mixing Raw and tinned/kibble
« on: Aug 18, 2018, 18:49 »
Hi. I do the same with my 3. They have a chicken wing or thigh in the morning and I homecook for them in the evening. I've not had a problem. I'm pretty sure the raw digests quickly whilst kibble takes much longer, therefore I would'nt give the meals the other way around.

 Yeah takes a little time for them to get used of it. That's all you can do, little and often and give them a nice treat. Let us know how she is doing, the little darling  :)

OES puppy would have floppy down ears. I have 2 dogs with floppy ears. I always make sure their ears are dry and clean after a bath and l dust over the inside of the flappy parts with Thornit once a week. I also pull out any hair from inside the ear (a little thornit dusted over the ear or on your fingers will make this easier) for airflow and to keep the ears cool and to stop any debris collecting in hairy ears. Both my shih tzu x and  Maltese require a little more attention in the hairy ear dept. Have you been advised to remove hair from inside the pups ears? Anyway this is what I do... both hairy dogs and l haven't had any problems with their ears. Hope it helps  :)

Dog foods / Re: Irish Terrier puppy - loose stools on Eden
« on: Mar 12, 2018, 21:36 »
Thanks for the update Rebecca. I'm glad you have found a solution that works for you and all is going well. I'm personally not a great fan of all dry diets. Stunning dogs Red Setters... l don't think you see them around as much as you did a few years ago  :)

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