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Raw feeding / Re: Dog has gone off Raw food
« on: Mar 17, 2016, 12:40 »
And thanks for the advice on the metronidazole - I will see what the results of her tests are next week and go from there.

Raw feeding / Re: Dog has gone off Raw food
« on: Mar 17, 2016, 12:38 »
Hi guys.

Thanks for the advice again. Have just taken her to the vets and they suspect it may be a parasite. Am collecting poo for the next few days and then they will send to lab on Monday. Giardia would make sense as it cleared up after her last treatment a month ago  and then has resurfaced over the last few days  - she wasn't eating poo before but she could have easily drank some water that was soiled on her walk.. She has lost some weight too so I reckon there is something nasty in her gut somewhere. Hopefully it is something they can pick up and treat quickly!

Raw feeding / Re: Dog has gone off Raw food
« on: Mar 16, 2016, 20:19 »
Thanks a lot for having a good look at this for me. I guess I assumed as it was a "complete food" that it was balanced for her but maybe she does require more carbs. I will investigate about the giardia with the vets. Have just looked at the nutritional values though and the carb level is similar to the kibble she was on according to the dial system thing on this website and they are both about average (she was eating nature's menu country hunter nuggets and previously canagan country game dry extruded). But I probably did need to up the quantity a lot more than I did as you say due to her breeds and activity levels - although she won't eat that food any more and seems a good weight on the new tinned food - it has just seems to have resurfaced some other problems but perhaps there is another factor contributing to this, i.e. giardia.

Raw feeding / Re: Dog has gone off Raw food
« on: Mar 16, 2016, 19:15 »
Hi KatrinH and Tiny Planets

Thanks for the advice. She is a jack russell x chihuahua. I haven't tested for giardia and/or food intolerances (yet) ... I will certainly look to if problems persist.

If you mean how much poo she was eating(?!), then not a lot and she hasn't for the last few days. The poo eating started after she had lost weight on the raw food so I put it down to her being hungry as she suddendly gulped a big lump down one day and then seemed to get a taste for it (yum!). I have taught her to leave it on the walks now (although she sometimes nibbles a bit of rabbit poo but I am less concerned about that) and she is back to a better weight on canned food - it is just she has started to get a bit of mucusy/soft poo - not diarrhea currently. She also has had loud rumbling tummy this morning. It is nothing serious at the moment but she started with the same symptoms a few months back and it got worse and turned to diarrhea and blood in the stools. Apart from the weight loss she was doing well on the raw and that was the only reason I was keen on getting her back on it, but I certainly won't push it, especially as she did lose the weight.

If you mean how much food is she eating I have generally given her about 10-20% over the recommended amounts of whatever she has been on as she gets lots of exercise and has never looked like getting fat at all.

Hopefully it is not going to escalate into anything worse again and I will take her to the vets to be tested in the next couple of days if it persists.

Raw feeding / Re: Dog has gone off Raw food
« on: Mar 16, 2016, 13:37 »
Thanks again Dottie. Yes, good plan, I have just asked for a sample pack of Guru for her - a 5kg bag would be a waste if it didn't work out well! Failing that I will try different canned foods I guess until I find something right for her. Cold pressed does seem appealling though - it works out a lot cheaper than a good quality canned food so if I can feed her something as good for her for less then we are both winners. I will let you know how we get on.

Raw feeding / Re: Dog has gone off Raw food
« on: Mar 16, 2016, 12:54 »
Hello Dottie. Thanks a lot for the advice. Yes I suspect it is colitis and I think that is what she has had before. I will try some natural yoghurt as I'm not aware of a lactose intolerancy. I have not tried other brands of raw (yet), but I am reluctant to buy any more currently as I don't want it to go to waste and my tiny freezer is pretty full! But I may try again in the future. As you say, I am not keen on pushing her into a diet that she does not want to eat, it was just that she seemed to be working well for her digestive issues (apart from the weight loss). I was just looking into cold pressed food and it certainly looks like it might be worth a go for her. Thanks again.

Raw feeding / Dog has gone off Raw food
« on: Mar 16, 2016, 11:42 »
Hi! I am after some advice please! My dog had some digestion problems so I switched her to a raw diet (natures menu nuggets) which she initially really liked and was getting on very well with - nice solid stools etc.... She did seem to get very thin though and one day ate a big mouthful of dog poop on her walk (which she hadn't done before). I guess this was as she was hungry and perhaps not getting enough food (although I was feeding her over the guidelines to try to get her to put a bit more weight on). When she got home she went to have a mouthful of food and then threw up - a lot! I put this down to the massive poop she had decided to eat beforehand but it seems she now associates the raw meat with the vomiting as she won't touch it any more. (My guess anyway)I have tried her on different proteins and have a freezer full of food she is refusing to eat! I tried the tough love approach and took her food away until the next meal time a couple of times but I was reluctant to carry on with this too long as she is tiny (jack russell x chihuahua - 4kg) and I am concerned about blood sugar levels dropping too low if she doesn't eat often enough. She is super active and athletic and burns a lot of calories and always seems hungry. I have switched her onto a high quality canned meat (canagan) which she loves but some of her old tummy problems seem to be resurfacing. I basically would like her to be back on the raw food as this seemed to be the best for her digestion but I cannot get her interested again. I have tried mixing bits in with her canned food which worked to start with but she wised up and picked around it! I have tried to lightly cook it, mix in raw veg which she loves.....I also thought that the dog poo eating episode might have been to do with her missing probiotics so she has green tripe mixed in with her food. Any advice on how to proceed? Should I try the tough love approach again and stick to it for longer? Am I missing something that may be causing her problems? She went to the vet before I switched her initially and got some antibiotics and prokolin which cleared her up. They weren't really sure the cause of her problems - she is only 1 1/2 years old so underlying health problems seem unlikely - they thought maybe something in her diet which is why I switched (she was previously on canagan dried food) She was doing well on her new raw diet until the poo eating episode! Sorry it is a bit of a rant but I tried to get as much info in as possible! Please let me know if you have any advice  :)

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