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Introductions / Hello, Jeff & Blaz new and need support
« on: Jan 10, 2021, 02:20 »
Hello I'm Jeff, My best friend Blaz has been diagnosed with Pancreatitis. Blaz is a 5.5 year old German Rottweiler. About a 1.5 years ago Blaz and I were in NM and he chased a Road Runner. Blaz only runs full speed when he is chasing or hunting something, He had a fox-tail in his ear and lost his balance when he hit gravel, he ran full speed into a boulder and suffered injuries because of it. had a couple of minor seizures since. It was hard to notice but he started drooling and salivating more after that accident. Every Vet dismissed my concerns like i was an idiot! About 3 months ago he started getting more and more picky when it came to feedings. One morning he would not eat at all, i figured he was being stubborn. (if you have ever owned a Rottie you'd understand how stubborn they can get). I gave in and ran to the pet store to get his favorite food topper, came home put it on the food and still not eat. I knew something was wrong, he would not even eat just the topper alone. I took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with pancreatitis. Again they dismissed his accident. Anyway, he never had to be admitted, he never vomited from it, and just did not want to eat. He was put on a vet diet, "Hills prescription I/D low fat. he still burps after he eats, he still tucks his rear legs under him after he eats and now he knows that licking his lips or sticking his tongue out tells me he does not feel good. His appetite is good, he does not have any diarrhea but i just do not feel this food is good enough for his breed or size and i'm worried the vets just have such a lack of knowledge.

I have been thinking about  what to do and what to feed him. Raw , home cooked, etc. After reading the forum i feel even more lost and alone. He's my best friend, he's not replaceable to me and the thought of him not living as long as a Rottie can just makes me sad. Ohhhh this pandemic is killing me and finances are not available. As it is the food is almost 100 per bag. I'll live under a bridge if i can ensure he gets the full life he deserves.

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