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Hi all, newbie here. I’ve had dogs before but feeding and food have changed A LOT in the last few years and I am getting confused!
Hopefully I will be getting a puppy soon (cavapoochon) and looking around at the best quality of food I can afford and can store. We live on a boat so storage space is very limited.
1. Tinned food used to be looked down on but I gather it’s now a really good option if you get the right one? Better than kibble in many cases?
2. Can you mix raw and wet complete foods or is it best to stick to one brand, one type..? In the past the advice was not to chop and change, but now I see people saying you need to offer a variety of foods.
3. Bones? Raw of course- or not bones? As a treat, and to gnaw and to clean teeth, alongside any kind of food.
4. I guess this will be a small dog which gives me more options for food because of cost. I want a complete so it has everything it needs nutrition-wise. I can’t store kilos of anything which is why tins might work. Particularly interested in whether you can add things to that sort of food as raw feeders do, to keep it interesting especially if I use one tin/flavour over a few meals (depending on size of dog).
Thanks for any help!  :)

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