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Dog foods / Seven Dog Foods
« on: Mar 18, 2017, 21:00 »

A new dog food from Seven has appeared in a big way in my local animal feeds outlet. It's being promoted as grain free and high in meat content, a high end dried food at a mid range price which a new magical process they call freshtrusion technology has made possible. Along with someone called Walter who has lots of buddies in the farming world so he can source fresh British produce at very good prices.

When I punched the ingredients from their senior/light salmon, trout, sweet potato and asparagus variety into the instant review generator it came out at a lowly 2.6 which was a surprise.

I have a 10 year old border collie bitch who's done very well on James Wellbeloved with a bit of fresh meat mixed in more for flavour than anything but I'm losing faith in JW since their takeover by Mars and have been searching for an alternative.

The more I look the more confused I get to be honest with all kinds of reviews which seem to contradict each other and no guarantee that the supposed 5* dog foods are really worth more than twice the price of the more middling offerings. I wonder how much dogs actually benefit from exotic organic ingredients and how much better value is to be had from cheaper dog foods with apparently similar protein/vitamin/fibre contents.

I'm also wondering how rice has gone from the wonder ingredient it was a few years ago to something to be avoided. Potato surely can't trump rice, can it?

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