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Today I saw a recently launched TV commercial from PAH which I thought was very good. Cleverly done & with a known name fronting it. The commercial will hopefully catch the attention of dog owning cookery programme fans, (who may benefit from better dog food ingredient awareness).

Link & more info by clicking HERE   The TV commercial is currently 3rd scroll down item on the link.

There also seems to be a comparative link on their website. It only covers a short list of products but it includes some supermarket brands & products widely available in supermarkets.

Significantly the aim of the actual commercial is  to raise consumer awareness rather than to promote any one dog food product.

I cannot say I like every food on the shelf at PAH, (to be fair needs & demands vary).  I am also aware that as a business they could also have a business agenda. Despite this, in my eyes this is a positive landmark moment.

Well done PAH !

General dog chat / Hot weather warning !
« on: Jun 18, 2017, 21:33 »
Just a quick reminder for owners to take care in hot weather.

Took a call from a colleagues family member re my colleagues dog taken ill due to hot weather today......currently on a drip overnight for more fluids.

Please be careful folks......I am a firm advocate of frequent & meaningful dog walking but not in extreme heat. Also encourage water.....some crumbled treats in same can sometimes do the trick.

Hopefully no need for reminder re leaving dog in cars in warmer weather.

Dog foods / "Better Bakers" ???
« on: Apr 26, 2017, 16:59 »
I saw an advert on TV yesterday with some dogs delivering Bakers

New campaign promoting this...

David......Does this food need updating &/or reviewing in the directory ?

Bakers claim they have improved this food albeit they also say nothing was wrong with it.

Personally I wont ever be buying or feeding this.

links below

...Whatever your religion, belief or views I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for the festive season & wish you, your loved ones & pets all the very best as we head towards 2017.  :)

For me labels are important but can fail the whole picture.

With increases in label awareness, some manufacturers are keen to ensure their labels atract the increasing number of us who are more selective & label aware.

With percentages often omitted, some could argue that some ingredients or supplements could be added in small quantities that tick a box, market a product in a certain way or maybe secure a good review rating/score.

Label aware customers form an increasingly growing sector of the market & are arguably potentially vulnerable to carefully marketed & labelled foods.

Previously I have messed about with the review generator on here. I believe it is possibe to secure a decent rating by adding various ingredients.

I accept the issues in not being able to give accurate ingredient pecentile breakdowns for every ingedient & supplements, however,  I sometimes wonder if certain ingedients & supplements are always added in meaningful & beneficial amounts........(I am not discussing specific health condition diets).

For discussion & shared thoughts.........

(Please note I have purposely not mentioned specific brands/foods etc)

Dog foods / Supermarket sold dog food.
« on: Jul 12, 2016, 17:43 »
I know that many pet food retailers happily sell poor quality dog food, however, i occasionally find myself in so called supermarkets &/or local convenience stores having a look at dog food products &/or their compositions.

Some of the products are shocking......The cost of feeding such rubbish is often  dearer than feeding far better alternatives. Many folk buy these products without a consideration, however, I have seen customers seemingly scrutinise labelling before looking proud of themselves before placing these items into their baskets/troliies often alongside relatively high cost human food items.

My time is precious to me but this does make me raise the questions.....

What can reponsible feeders do to change this ?

Other than ignorance & convenience.....Why do people make these purchase decisions ?

Other than margins & bulk wholesale availability......Why don't these stores also sell better quality dog foods ?

Any other thoughts or comments welcomed.

As indicated elsewhere we are currently happily feeding (Nutriment) raw complete.

Currently quite happy feeding Nutriment. Mainly feeding the salmon & chicken or the Salmon & Turkey (not on the nutriment  website & primarily sold for those wanting fish based diet yet whose dogs dogs are intolerant to chicken).

By now most will know that my main dog feeding loyalty is to our dogs, not individual food manufacturers &/or suppliers.

Some searching online has resulted in me reading various internet content & forum posts. This caused me to find
I have been loooking at their website & they sell a wide variety of pre packaged raw products from a variety of manufacturers. The MVM & Bulmer products seem fairly well priced. Bulmer salmon & kelp currently comes in at 70 pence for 454g. Bulmer pet foods also have their own site where more savings can be made...their new southern england warehouse not a million miles away from me.

The rawpetsupplies website also has other products including Paleo Ridge.

Despite first dabbling with raw complete (Nutriment)  a couple of years ago, I am aware that I am back on a steep learning curve with raw/barf/raw complete products,  (I am better informed re dry complete kibbles).

I am very aware that there are variations to feeding raw or raw based products. Some hard core raw feeders go right back to basics....I respect personal choices (but have two animal loving vegetarian humans in the house). I am not a hypocrite, but not expecting to be feeding whole rabbits, pigs heads, complete organs, roadkill or loitering at local abbatoir anytime soon !

As indicated I currently happily feed a raw complete (which includes superfood veggies). I am aware that some feed RAW without veg considering veg not to be a requirement. I have read about  what folk consider to be correct ratios of meat, bone & organ content in the bowl.

For me nutrition & quality are key, other desireable factors are using decent suppliers, (who dont deliver rancid food) , ease of  preparation, lack of horrific bowl content & last but NOT least cost.

Raw & Raw based feeders....

What do you feed & why ?

Where do you source ?

Do you use suplements (fish oil, coconut oil etc) ?

Costs ?

Any other comments or experiences ?

Have recently started using DE as a natural wormer & flea preventative.

Plan is to cease using chemical spot on wormers & aim for more natural health management.

An increasing number of owners opting for this route in light of some having concerns re risks from chemicals etc. Basically it is a powder made from fossilised diatoms. It is added to diet as a natural worm & flea preventative & can also be put on dogs coats as a flea preventative. There are various claims it has other health benefits.

I am very aware of the risks of worms so have not made this decision lightly.

For those unfamiliar with using DE, typically stool samples can be sent off by owners to check for prescence of worms. I have been recommended to use

I also aim to titre test prior to any further vaccinations. A process whereby blood sampling done to ascertain antibodies rather than simply injecting vaccines regardless.  I am hoping that vaccination will not be routinely required. I am told that the lepto vaccine only safeguards against a few strains of lepto.

Recent mast cell removal has caused me to look more carefully not only at diet but also at what is being put into our dogs (we switched to feeding raw complete a couple of months ago but I will post re that elsewhere).

Not my far as I am concerned dogs aren't children, however, others in household have suggested this may be a nice idea...Hmm.

Mindful dogs cannot eat chocolate so have been looking at alternatives. Dog Easter eggs are made from Carob.  Only ones seen online are made by Hatchwells. Not a huge amount of online info re composition.

Personally I would rather give fish skins as a treat.

Anyone else giving their dogs Easter treats ?

Any Thoughts ?

I feed my 4 year old dog, ( a breed prone to bloat ) , an 80/20 (large sized) dry extruded (fish based) kibble twice daily. Appropriate quantities are fed and appropriately timed relative to excercise.

I am familiar re alleged pro's and con's of feeding dry extruded kibble ( as well as pro's & con's of other foods ) . I have not started this thread to discuss merits of one food type over the other & hope this thread & poll wil serve as a useful reference point.....I currently chose to feed a low carb high protein diet ( for reasons detailed  in another thread).

I am mindful my dog does not chew his kibble (served in water) .

Recent discussions re other food types has re-highlighted that dry extruded kibble takes a considerable time to break down inside the dogs stomach.

As my dog seemingly does not have any dental advantage from swallowing kibble whole I have decided to pre-soak the kibble so as to place less strain on the digestive system.

Also a recent (non diet related) dog  vomiting episode caused me some concern when whole pieces of kibble were produced some 4 hours after feeding !

I know some advovate pre-soaking for puppies......This vote & thread is for adult dogs.

Please vote &/or contribute to the thread.......happy for non voters to share thoughts too.

Curious to learn of expriences of anyone who has introduced & been regulary feeding Air Dried or Freeze Dried foods.

Both relatively new food types are of great interest.....

With one of the Ziwi-Peak (air dried) foods calculating on here at £3.52 a day for my 26kg dog & Orijen Tundra Freeze Dried coming in at £32.99 for just 454 g ( by my maths that equates to a whopping £329.90 for just 4.54 kg !!! - feel free to correct my maths), I am not rushing to buy either of these specific brand named products yet.

I accept, (that on reading product info), the above two named foods appear to be of good quality but the costs are considerable.

Aware that importation, new food types, processing equipment & small demand may be factors to pricing but still amazed at the prices. (Mcadams market their product as "warm air dried" using British free range chicken but at £89.99 for 10kg might not appeal to all who compare higher quality dried dog foods).

Am I alone in thinking these products are very highly priced ?

Anybody here feeding these products (particularly owners of medium or larger breeds) ?

Any other air of freeze dried dog foods, (for sale or in pipeline), hat are significantly cheaper ?

Have I missed something ?

Any other thoughts ......... ?

Background : In 2015 my then 3 year old  Labrador Retriever was diagnosed with a Mast Cell Tumour. This is a form of cancer. The lump has since been removed & with a significant margin of surrounding tissue. I am now even more vigilant in checking my dog. Post treatment I began looking online to see if others felt anything can be done to reduce future risks

I feed current food on back of, (stateside), dog cancer vet advice alleging potential benefits from feeding low carb diet, (to dogs at risk). Veterinary opinions vary widely. I also know of a highly regarded cancer treating holistic vet that recommends a specific cold-pressed brand. My own oncology vet does not regard diet or carb levels as being relevant to risk..... I am absolutely NOT alleging any risks from any foods or food types - I remain open minded whilst trying to do what's reasonable & sensible for our dogs.

I cannot comment as to the credibility or accuracy of any info or claims in the following links........

Nutritional ideas for dogs with cancer

Nutrition for the cancer patient] Dog Cancer and Food…what’s the Carbo Problem ?

Diet & Nutrition : More Protein less Carbs

The above are just a handful of links available online.

Some may allege that all or some of the above may lack credibility

It should be noted that simple, (not complex), carbs are mainly cited as the problem. I would also comment that some advocate feeding raw (less carbs) whilst others do not, (risk of bacteria to a cancer suffering  patient). Dietary advice varies with recommedations to feed suffering patients cottage cheese and flaxseed oil.

There are variohs claims, concerns & pro's & con's of various foods & food types.

At time of typing my dog is believed to have made full recovery but I have significantly reduced carb intake.

Like many I am not a specialist, smply a dog owner trying to take reasonable steps.

Introductions / Checking In
« on: Oct 11, 2015, 21:53 »
Hello to all.

Long time lurker registering & checking in....

Currently own a Labrador, (working line).  Not the first dog owned & I grew up with dogs in household as a youngster back in 70's & 80's. The Lab is one of two dogs currently in household.

Over more recent years I have taken an increasing interest in dog foods.... Thanks not least to this site.

Over the years I have fed a variety of foods, wet complete, raw complete  & dry complete ........currently in process of switching from a good 4 star rated to well regarded 5 star rated dry complete, (extruded) due to need as well as choice.

I don't switch on whim but do change if I think there is a potential benefit or need.

I do look at ratings but make choices based on individual aspects such as, specific composition, ingredients, like for like value, customer service & feedback. I accept compatability with the individual dog is a huge factor & above a specific review or score.

Interesting times in the dog food industry with an increasing  variety of foods & choices. Keeping an eye on new  changes, various foods types & various production methods, (including rarer ones).

Arguably plenty can be done to further improve certain aspects of the industry but in the meantime this site & community seem to educate as well as helping the cause.... Thank You

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