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Dog foods / Re: food advice please
« on: Feb 15, 2016, 20:33 »
Hi & welcome - sorry to learn of recent loss.

Re the Lab. I have one (working line castrated 4 year old male).

I personally (although he is weighed occasionally) assess by condition. Labs vary in size & shape significantly but a body condition chart can be viewed if you click here

Some vets are happy to sell foods at a profit to them. I would rather feed Simpsons 80/20 than the two products  mentioned (in abscence of a diagnosed condition genuinely requiring a specific diet) .You can read re prescription diet products if you click here.

I can make negligible adjustments easily by increasing exercise &/or reducing food over a short duration. I energetically walked  my Lab 3 hours off  lead yesterday, swimming running & retrieving for majority of that (many other Labs & other similar size working breeds seen plodding alongside owners & looking relatively bored). You mention a reluctance to trot. I advise decent food, (starting at lower RDA levels) & a progressed increase in interesting exercise. I wouldn't waste money paying for vet approved food or for a qualified vet to tell me my dog is 500g overweight

Carbs & Fat each do different jobs (In very basic terms Carbs give dogs off the mark energy but fat gives endurance energy). An otherwise healthy well exercised dog shouldn't be fat unless you are overfeeding (in abscence of a medical issue). I am assuming your bitch doesnt have any other issues that would make her sensibly hold back a little. Mine is currently on Akela 80/20 fish kibble (Relatively low carbs, highish protein, fat a bit above average) Its an acceptable graIn free food & I am happy enough feeding it for now. Simpsons 80/20 Fish has decent Omega3:6 ratio Click here for Omega 3:6 ratio article &  closely considered by me also. If your other dogs get on with it (& it is genuinely appropriate to exercise output), then no reason why all can't eat this (in abscence of evidence to the contrary). I try to avoid high levels of simple carbs for health reasons (you can check my post history for more info) .

No idea if your Lab is show or working type, (the differences can be significant). My response would be easier seeing your dog or a recent pic. I don't consider 22.5 kg as Lab entry weight for "fat club" & wouldn't worry too much re her size. May check if anyone else at home is feeding her tit bits.

Mindful my post is a bit blunt but genuinely trying to help.

Good Luck

Dog foods / Re: Lukullus cold pressed dog food
« on: Feb 11, 2016, 19:43 »
I first (reluctantly back then) fed dry kibble in the very late 80's......I always fed it with generous ammounts of water & back then I used to let it soak to reduce digestive concerns.

The Lukullus being cold pressed will break down far better & quicker (fed with water)  than conventionally dry extruded kibbles such as Burns. Personally if feeding a mix I would thoroughly pre moisten ( soak ) the Burns as both food products will be entering the dogs system together & in a more similar state.

I should add that I am not advocating  a gradual ratio change as I would to someone moving from one dry extruded to another........I  would personally go straight to the cold pressed in water but feeding a significantly smaller ammount initially. The gut will maybe take time to adjust so dont expect instant top quality stools

Dont take my advice solely........I  have never properly introduced & changed to cold pressed - Hopefully someone more knowledgable or with experience in chaning from dry extruded to cold preseed will be better able to advise.

After typing the above I did look at various cold pressed sites for best advice but the info was either lacking or unclear. One recommeded a sraight switch for reasons I stated - the other recommended mixing & phasing in slowly (zooplus).

Beth at Gentle dog food probably knows more than most in the U.K. re cold pressed but I am mindful she does not directly market the product you are feeding.

I wouldn't  be concerned in feeding an adult food at 7.5  months in the breeds we have here but I am not familiar with requirements in your breed. Some years ago there was a trend in puppy food marketing. Many now hold a view that there is less benefit in feeding same. Indeed the compositon of some puppy foods does not differ significantly from composition in some adult foods. Puppy foods used to have similarities to breeder foods for bitches carrying litters in that they basically provided more fuel. Some hold a view that high protein puppy foods can be inappropriate.....particularly in dogs prone to joint issues where accelerated growth is deemed best avoided.

Although I highlighted the cold pressed food you have taken delivery of I have only ever trial fed cold pressed from samples to test likeability.......I have not yet fed cold pressed as a main diet.

I have fed raw complete before without issues albeit am aware of alleged concerns some have made re bacteria, that said I have never heard of pnuemonia caused by diet.

I note you feed ziwi-peak treats. I find air dried food of great interest & really like what I have read. I would consider feeding it if sold at prices I could justify (one dog is a Lab). At time of typing just 5kg of ziwipeak is priced online between £98.99 & £116.34.  (That buys a significant ammount of decent home cooked food ingredients). Having managed to take my carb discussions elsewhere it is probably best that any air dried food discussion are NOT developed further on this thread but instead started elsewhere.

I don't know much re Cavalier King Charles Spaniels but am aware of some alleged concerns with the breed. It may be worth doing some breed specific research to see if there are any breed relevant DO's & DONT's re specific foods or ingredients. I would personally do my research beyond my breeder as opinions can vary widely between those involved with a given breed.

It may be worth while you statring a new thread re the Lukullus Duck & Lamb.

Background : In 2015 my then 3 year old  Labrador Retriever was diagnosed with a Mast Cell Tumour. This is a form of cancer. The lump has since been removed & with a significant margin of surrounding tissue. I am now even more vigilant in checking my dog. Post treatment I began looking online to see if others felt anything can be done to reduce future risks

I feed current food on back of, (stateside), dog cancer vet advice alleging potential benefits from feeding low carb diet, (to dogs at risk). Veterinary opinions vary widely. I also know of a highly regarded cancer treating holistic vet that recommends a specific cold-pressed brand. My own oncology vet does not regard diet or carb levels as being relevant to risk..... I am absolutely NOT alleging any risks from any foods or food types - I remain open minded whilst trying to do what's reasonable & sensible for our dogs.

I cannot comment as to the credibility or accuracy of any info or claims in the following links........

Nutritional ideas for dogs with cancer

Nutrition for the cancer patient] Dog Cancer and Food…what’s the Carbo Problem ?

Diet & Nutrition : More Protein less Carbs

The above are just a handful of links available online.

Some may allege that all or some of the above may lack credibility

It should be noted that simple, (not complex), carbs are mainly cited as the problem. I would also comment that some advocate feeding raw (less carbs) whilst others do not, (risk of bacteria to a cancer suffering  patient). Dietary advice varies with recommedations to feed suffering patients cottage cheese and flaxseed oil.

There are variohs claims, concerns & pro's & con's of various foods & food types.

At time of typing my dog is believed to have made full recovery but I have significantly reduced carb intake.

Like many I am not a specialist, smply a dog owner trying to take reasonable steps.

Thanks for reply. Really keen not to wrongfully deter folk from buying suitable foods or food types......More info re my dog and current agenda to reduce carbs here

Thanks for clarifying the output quality.

Gland issues aside, I have own reasons to hold back on introducing/trialing cold-pressed - Alleged Carb levels......

Some dog food companies give carb levels on request,  (albeit I am yet to receive a breakdown of simple & complex carbs as separate percentages). When dog food carb levels are unavailable from food companies I use data from this website, (a.a.d.f.) , or do my own maths based on what percentage remains after deducting numbered percentages.....(a  crude method, not agreed by some suppliers).

I am also interested to know more re pro's & con's of cold pressed & pro's con's of mineral clay & kieselgur.

To put my carb interest into context........My lab had mast cell tumour removed last year. I feed current food on back of, (stateside), dog cancer vet advice alleging potential benefits from feeding low carb diet, (to dogs at risk). Veterinary opinions vary widely. I also know of a highly regarded cancer treating holistic vet that recommends a specific cold-pressed brand. My own oncology vet does not regard diet or carb levels as being relevant to risk..... I am absolutely NOT alleging any risks from any foods or food types - I remain open minded whilst trying to do what's sensible for our two dogs.

Just found these.....

Second linked item might need liner removal but hopefully folk will see where I am coming from.

Basically ventilated laundry bins. Bag of food could sit inside same. There are various designs with larger or smaller holes. I wont list every laundry basket out there.

Bag standing alone (away from dogs), should be fine, but adequately ventilated laundry baskets might be a consideration for anyone wanting discreet or even OCD storeage.

For most the main concerns of open bags are probably dogs getting in, bags getting knocked over or ripped when knocked into with other objects (ironing boards, boxes, boots etc).

I would aim to continue using the product bag (within any other well ventilated outer storeage solution) as I suspect the bags may be specifically manufactured with the cold pressed shelf life in mind..

I was wondering if drilling holes in lid & or sides of an airtight dog food container might work (lowering whole bag into it rather than emptying same).

Develpoing this further suitable mesh (like that used in domestic radiator covers or car grills), could be fixed inside the container behind the holes (this would reduce interference potential from insects or even mice (perhaps for those with older properties, outdoor stores, old floorboarded understairs cupobards etc).

I think environment is as understairs cupboard with minimal moisture &/or abscence of significant  heat would be my choice…......depending on environment weekly amounts could  perhaps be decantered into a less fussy storeage solutions.

Thanks - Re forum housekeeping  I was mindful the rice chat crossed a little between dietary & shelf life discussions & also saw your comments in the other thread  ;)

Only just caught up with this thread & updates.

Sheldd -Your dog is so lucky to have you guys as owners.

You are literally doing all you can....& well above what many would.

I will watch for future news whilst wishing you & ypur dog all the best goimg forwards.

Maybe have a look at Lukuluss Duck & Lamb.

It contains dried potato flakes & sweet potato.

I believe that due to lower temperatures in manufacturing cold-pressed  (than dry extruded) there needs to be something in composition to allow ingredients to bind. Green mineral clay sits in my mind (although I do not know a great deal re cold pressed & am most keen not to give wrong info).

Link below should take you to composition of the food I mentioned  (scroll to composition & click to expand).

Guru Surf & Turf is absent of chicken but not grain free, as has brown rice in composition.

I dont feed grains purely because taking my Lab off a dry extruded kibble (which contained it) reduced anal gland issues. I must stress that I do NOT know for certain that rice was the issue. I think, as owners, some of us can be pretty quick to conclude our dogs have genuine allergies or dietary intolerances......terms like hypoallergenic & grain free have arguably to some extent convinced some of us that some of our dogs are perhaps less food tolerant than they might actually be.

I continue to follow the cold pressed segment (& other alternatives to dry extruded)  with great interest.

I appreciate the thread resurrection may be with good intentions, however, this thread is ow 3 months old  & OP has not responded to prior replies & advice.

Hello coventrypetsupplies

Quote from: coventrypetsupplies

Our question is: Is there anyone out there open to new brands ?

Of course people are open to new foods !  Without wishing to appear rude I would have thought any sizeable pet food retailer selling muliple brands would know that without needing to enquire here.

Allegedly the food specifically detailed & pictured in opening post appears by composition & packaging to be one of the Golden Acres White label Premium Gain Free Kibbles. (The alleged retail beneficial margins of GA white labelled foods have been prior discussed by others).

Incidentally a simlar food with similar (own branded) packaging is currently advertised elsewhere by another retailer for around £29.99 per 12kg bag (compared to £39.50) so I dont subscribe to the sentiments on price that infer spending less gets a worse food clicky links here & here   (I have no business interest or association with suppliers  other than as a retail dog food purchaser who contributes within associated discussions). 

I personally & happily feed a branded dry extruded kibble produced by GA, however, (I dont currently feed a puppy), nothing specifically in composition or pricing on your site would personally make me go out of my way to buy that specific exampled food over and above competition.

I note that a website that appears linked to the OP has other branded dog foods that are allegedly of much much lower quality. I accept that many retailers stock mutiple brands & foods.

Personally if I was an ethical pet food retailer I simply would NOT sell certain other foods if I was genuinely motivated to promote good foods, dog health & improvements in the dog food industry, (despite me accepting that many owners have pre-conceived feeding preferences &/or budget constraints).

I see this thread has now been moved to the clasifieds section !

General dog chat / Re: Lungworm
« on: Jan 25, 2016, 01:35 »
Worth noting that both above links are to Bayer websites & that Bayer have a significant footprint in the market of worming & flea prevention products.

I use currently use advocate flea treatment and wormer spot on (recommended monthly) plus droncit tape wormer (3 monthly),  albeit mindful that some owner prefer to look into alternative products, holistic flea control options &/or service providers that analyse stool samples for worms.

Always worth reading articles, opinions as well as reading up on pro's/con's & of course product info & literature.

It should be noted that with advocate I believe that when administered the wormer aspect acts as if treating a dog to rid of worms whereas the flea aspect acts to control as well as treat these parasites.

I believe that Milbemax (not believed a bayer product) should not be given at same time as ( or within a certain period of) Advocate as the dog can allegedly be ovordosed. Also advantix (flea treatment only but combats lime disease found on deer & carrried by parasites) also made by bayer has an ingredient also found in the advocate. (a prior vet of mine did NOT know this)

Not going to make personal recommedations as I am very aware of the potential consequences of things going wrong re inadequate, imroper or even excessive protocols.

Supplements / Re: Omega 3 balance and fish oil
« on: Jan 25, 2016, 00:57 »
Developing the comments re  Omega 3 levels relative to Omega 6

An article that can be viewed by clicking here has certainly caused me to consider Omega ratios in what I am feeding mine (& also on back of prior genuine dog health issue)

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