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If not adverse to raw feeding maybe speak to nutriment re their low purine chicken & tripe.....but DO also speak to a vet first  if kidney function &/or other health is serious.

Dog foods / Re: Nutriment
« on: Nov 29, 2018, 19:04 »
Have fed this brand before.....very good.

This looks like an extension & business model development building on focus of health benefits such as he low purine adult tripe and chicken.

I would much rather feed nutriment than the longstanding dry/wet completes pushed by vets that claim to be prescription or condition focused.

Competitors sell 1kg trays, combustible or recyclable trays & price competitive products. I am very aware of the quality within nutriment products & the origin of their stance on high  ingredient quality !

Nutriment 1.4kg chubbs are better value but not easy to visually calculate divided feed weight once defrosted & in a container.

Anyway Nutriment IMO is a top company.....they care, are very knowledgeable and products are good.  I hope the new range does well and that owners consider these products for dogs with specific issues.

Overview claims 49% fish but ingredients/analysis shows this 49% "fish meal". I also note beet pulp is in there too.

I note the welcome inclusion of turmeric albeit in the form of "Turmeriaid"  Personally I chose to feed my own turmeric/curcumin/pepper in, (suitable to me),  tablet form, with a daily dose acceptable to me & still without stained hands.

General discussion / Re: issue with Millies Wolfheart
« on: Nov 22, 2018, 19:30 »
I would also be asking re any changes.
If alleged facts are correct then, (if I were in that situation), I would think carefully before placing my next order.

Dog foods / Re: Ambitious plans for Wilsons Pet Food
« on: Nov 22, 2018, 19:05 »
Thanks - apologies for late reply.

It still wonder why some manufacturers avoid airtight yet others don't.

Despite my curiosity I wont be contacting companies to ask why, (unless later looking to change to cold pressed). 


Dog foods / Re: Ambitious plans for Wilsons Pet Food
« on: Nov 18, 2018, 19:32 »
Thanks for clarifying on packaging.

I remain a little confused re the variances of packaging with this food type.

Surely cold preseed foods either need breathable packaging  or doesn't.

If some do and some don't then some might conclude that there can be significant differenes between various cold pressed products.

I don't have an issue if there are differences but am am sure some consumers might want to know a bit more about any significant manufacture & preparation differences between various cold pressed products.

Dog foods / Re: Ambitious plans for Wilsons Pet Food
« on: Nov 14, 2018, 20:02 »
I have been given a free sample of the salmon cold pressed.

......It came in a sealed sample plastic bag.  I had perhaps mistakenly thought cold pressed is normally contained in bags thats can breathe/sweat...

...This has been sat, (still sealed), with me a few weeks in a centrally heated signs of moisture build up in the bag..... Anyone know if this seems normal for a cold pressed food in a sealed plastic bag ?

Despite my continued curiosity with cold pressed I have yet to feed or trial feed one.

I am also curious as to whether the salmon is farmed or freshwater sourced.

Introductions / Re: Hi From Devon
« on: Nov 10, 2018, 19:21 »
Welcome to the forums.

Great that dog & cat get on so can be stressful when animals in same home don't get on or have compatability issues.   


Variations in price for similar products is a good thing if it results in competitive pricing.

Dog foods / Re: New Cane Corso Puppy
« on: Sep 28, 2018, 10:17 »

Dog foods / Re: New Cane Corso Puppy
« on: Sep 03, 2018, 10:00 »

You have had two detailed & constructive replies.

Please acknowledge &/or respond.

Dog foods / Re: New Cane Corso Puppy
« on: Aug 24, 2018, 22:33 »

Maybe read the links below.........(if not seen already).

As for "the best" ......What is best for one owner & dog might not best suit another owner & dog.

Best food type, puppy food, raw, complete, cold pressed, dry extruded kibble, hypoallergenic, protein level etc etc ?

Local availability, sourcing cost, sourcing time & storage might be factors too.

Many of us feed different foods to one another for various reasons.

I would probably point you towards foods rated on here 3.5 out of 5 or above. I feed well rated raw complete products but still have brand  preferences. If I had toddlers in the house I might think again unless being stricter on hygiene precautions Maybe also consider decent quality cold pressed foods.  I am not a fan of most dry extruded kibbles, not least for relative lack of appeal for the dog, but also the time required for many to break down inside the dogs gut plus other factors.

Feeding amounts & number of feeds per day are factors. Product guidelines are just that....look at dog body
condition (rib coverage) and output ( loose stools often mean too much food per sitting or daily but could mean the specific  food is not suiting the pup)

I suggest spreading daily food intake over 4 meals initially  for an 8 week pup. Don't forget pups eat a higher percentage of food relative to body weight....Also larger dogs tend to eat a bit less. I would feed yours  probably 6% (raw complete) or a bit more of dog bodyweight per day whereas smaller dogs can demand more....perhaps up to 9%.

Some thought required as with larger breed pups you need to be a bit more careful not to over feed.

Despite all the above you could spend hours researching only to find your chosen food doesn't suit your pup or the pup rejects it at the your research but try not to be too blinkered. 

General discussion / Re: Help! Finding the perfect food
« on: Aug 02, 2018, 23:34 »
I have fed raw complete BARF  in  vegan occupied house. I wouldn't personally feed the raw product  brand you did....wolftucker chicken is almost like pate.

If jumping from barf/raw I would try cold pressed....look at the cold pressed foods in dog food dirctory on this website.

Dog foods / Re: Canagan dog food opinions please.
« on: Jul 30, 2018, 18:04 »

You indicate that up until 6/7 weeks ago you were feeding wolftucker and have since changed to DIY raw feeding using DIY raw suppliers.

Whilst you indicate one of the TWO dogs has always scratched a littlle.

How were BOTH dogs body condition ,coat, skin & overall health when on the wolftucker ?

What protein source(s) wolftucker were you feeding ?

What protein source are you feeding now ?

Any supplements now or previously ?

Any regular flea or other treatments ?

Have you thoroughly checked skin on both dogs for parasites/mites/fleas ticks ?

Assuming dogs were relatively ok on previous diet I would reintroduce it for 3 weeks and monitor.....this is assuming no likely infestation.

If itching persists then it might not be diet which case then treat it and monitor......

I would use a decent ideally organic or low chemical shampoo a few times and then treat coat with diatomaceous earth, (DE) . If wanting to add it to diet I would source human grade DE. You can also use DE on household areas where mites may live....(personally I would bin any carpet/bedding if contaminated).

I appreciate I may be suggesting a backward step but ideally I woukd want to identify what factor(s) caused deterioration. 

As with any assesment diagnosis and treatment regime, try to focus on one thing at a time.....otherwise you wont isolate the cause &/or deal with it properly.


Wolves are not dinosaurs......thy still exist today.

Parvo, Mange wolf on wolf fighting and eating rancid meat probably cause wild wolves to live shorter lives than captive wolves fed kibble.

I agree marketing can influence food buying choices.....personally I look at composition over packaging/marketing.

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