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Raw feeding / Re: RAW Dog FOOD ADVISE
« on: Jun 26, 2018, 22:25 »
My dog likes eating horse faeces and old bbq remains.

Not saying there is anything wrong with the product brand mentioned.... my point is dogs can show enthusiasm when eating lots of different thing's. Look beyond the desire to consume I say. That said - On quickly checking composition of one of their products it seems acceptable and relatively fairly priced.

One observation is their products seems aligned to, (80/10/10), prey model.....I personally tend to feed barf raw completes (which includes veg).......I also use suppliers/brands I have spoken to and used for a good while so confident re what's in their specific foods,  sourcing, quality control, customer service etc.

I will go so far as to comment that I would probably give the brand a try if I wanted to trial a prey model diet.

A lot may depend on whether you source locally or by mail this can affect the maths & sourcing convenience longer term.

Dog news / Re: Worm Testing Kits
« on: Jun 26, 2018, 21:56 »
Competition in market can be a good thing  if quality of service and work not compromised.

I have done the maths and nothing here and thus far would cause me to jump ship from

Coincidentally I just got our two dogs (both good) results  back from

Thanks for sharing though

Quite fascinating to read.....the article mentions testing prior done on hundreds of mice and 12 years of research. From mice to dogs....perhaps the next evolution after dog testing may be human trials.

Seaweed I will be keeping an eye out for updates on this but please share any new info here f you see/find it.

Thanks for sharing above link

Autarky salmon probs as low as I would go money wise if on a relatively tight budget.  Not fed it myself but would be my choice if I had to select a fairly decent value kibble. Some Csj products worth a look but factor delivery costs. Skinners worth a look.  F&T fine but a friend has fed  rough & ready to working dogs...ok if you like that type of thing.

Introductions / Re: hello i am new here
« on: Apr 08, 2018, 18:45 »
Welcome to the Forums :)

We like timely updates....especially positive ones - Thanks :)

Nutriment do a low purine raw complete. Call discusss & ideally ascertain if suitable



Have you cut back on daily feed amounts   ?

What are you feeding your dog now  & how much ?

What does it weigh ?

What is target weight ?

Any other health  issues ?

Did you try any of the recommendations ?

Did you use the directory ?

Ìf issue is pressing then hopefully it won't be another  11 months before  next reply :)

Dog foods / Re: James wellbeloved
« on: Mar 28, 2018, 22:10 »
Stick dog back on the original food for 3 weeks if no change then likely the snip, adolescence or other factor.

Sometimes circ's &/or need dictate we make more than one change at a time but ideally we should isolate changes if we want to try to best evaluate the impact of individual  changes.

Historically not a follower of some rainbow bridge posts, ( I confess to sometimes being more detached than some).

That said I was genuinely moved by your detailed but sensitive post.....thank you & RIP Maddie.

PS I just edited my post thoughts & general advice still the same.

I think your choice of foods to trial is good. Of the two foods named  I would be keenest to get my dog onto the Gentle CP.....assuming dog got on with it ok.

Once you ascertain if dog likes a particular food I suggest you trial it for say a month.....During which time you may see gradual changes. Difficult to evaluate what change is diet related when a dog is still growing. Stool output is a pretty good indicator when judging correct feed amounts in adult dogs, however, pups can have sensitive stomachs and are prone to garden scavenging so don't dismiss a food until you have given  dog time to adjust & worked out correct amounts.

Make sure you only give ear powder or other treatment once certain what the specific ear issue is.

I am still not entirely convinced whether you or your vet are that clear re the specific problem so be careful....Someone suggested a 2nd vet opinion - I agree with that advice & would add that it is important to find the right vet. I am presently happy with mine but have changed practices 3 times in last 5 years.

Good Luck


A quick call to receptionist at vets will clarify.

If vet recommended diet change I suspect NOT mites.

Consider a decent quality fish based kibble such as fish4dogs puppy.

Dottie makes a good point re relative complexity of Orijen. A simple initial approach may be better if wanting to evaluate improvements &/or rule out issues.

It is interesting that the breeders dog has bad ears too. If the breeders bitch had ear mites it might suggest why yours has same assuming you have had a correct diagnosis.

I have prior fed both AG & JWB....better than some kibbles but neither would be my choice now.......If I had to feed a kibble & could justify cost then origen would be at the top of my shortlist. As for dogs wanting more....many dogs will happily eat more of most foods we provide if allowed to do so.

I am not a vet but I would look beyond diet to get rid of the ear mites. I haven't read lots about them but limited reading suggests they are living things & passed from cat/dog to dog.

Some reading today suggests some results from using corn oil...Please do some research before engaging in any home treatment programme & make sure treatment is specific and appropriate to the condition.

Have you had proper confirmation from your vet that your dog has a parasitic infection rather than a bacterial or dietary related infection ?

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