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Introductions / Hi from me (and the gang)
« on: Sep 15, 2014, 22:39 »
My name is Correna, I am owned by Leila who is a rescue: ex-puppy farm breeding bitch, Dexter: also a rescue, long story with him; he is Spanish, was in a pound, brought to the UK by a couple who had him 4 days then decided they no longer wanted him (he has some issues), put into foster care as all the rescues were full and he was going to be put down, then found his way to me.
I also have an African grey parrot and some bonkers chickens, but have kept numerous species all my life) mostly waifs and strays!).
I am mostly a stay at home slave to my animals lol, I cannot work full time due to my health, but among other things I am a holistic animal therapist, and an assistant canine behaviourist. Hoping to further my studies when I can get the funds together to become a fully qualified canine behaviourist, I am addicted to learning about animals!

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