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Introductions / Re: Louise & Skye The Whippet
« on: Sep 18, 2014, 18:25 »
We are kindred spirits Louise - I too like to look at labels and see what is in dog food. I did wonder if I was a bit sad!   :-[  Perhaps not though.  I have changed my dogs' food in the past but given each one a good trial after examining the ingredients.  It has always been for a good reason though.  In this way I have learned about nutrition and what to look for although I am no expert. 

My Cairns have just come off cold pressed Gentle which is a great food and on which they were doing well.  AADF scores it highly too.  The problem was that it is a dense food, therefore when you weigh it out there is much less of it in the bowl.  This would be good for a dog with a poor appetite but not for mine.  In addition, I could not get weight off them, despite cutting down to about 20% less than the minimum RDA.  They have no treats and are exercised.  Unlike your Whippet, Cairns have a tendency to gain weight, especially if neutered. They are small dogs so the weight doesn't have far to go.

In desperation I decided to try raw with one of them and, like you am using Nutriment. I telephoned the company and was told that she would lose weight if not overfed. She has been having light and low purine and after just one week lost 170g. She has only a little more to lose then it is maintenance and for the first time I am considering upping her food.   :)  I can only assume that it is the carbs that were (as the Nutriment lady said) 'sticking to their ribs'. Two are on it now and are enjoying it. I have had a mixed delivery today so once the current cartons are finished they will have different types.  Luckily they are not fussy eaters.  I never ever thought that I would feed raw, despite all the stuff I have read about it.  However, Nutriment makes it easy - no different to opening a can of dog food. That suits me fine. 

BTW, regarding converting your friends onto Nutriment, do you know about the Friends referral scheme? Check on their website. If those people who you have managed to convert mention your name you can get £10 off your next order.  I've told a few people about it but sadly, no referrals as yet.

Introductions / Re: Hi from me (and the gang)
« on: Sep 18, 2014, 12:24 »
That sounds great - lucky dogs!   My friend is having Reiki on her Cairn who is sadly terminally ill due to a tumour.  She feels that it is helping him and at the very least she is trying to make his life more comfortable so that's got to be good.

Introductions / Re: Good Morning All
« on: Sep 18, 2014, 12:22 »
Hello Astranine - are you the person on Facebook who was struggling to register?  If so, very glad that you got it sorted so hello and welcome from me.

General discussion / Re: Dental Plaque
« on: Sep 18, 2014, 12:19 »
I hear that bones are the thing for keeping teeth clean but I recall seeing the television programme on dog food that Channel 5 aired at the end of January 2014.  There was a dental specialist vet on it and he reckoned that he sees dirty mouths in dogs who have had bones.  His opinion was that the best way of keeping them clean is simply to brush daily with an appropriate toothpaste.  I can vouch for this - I have managed to clear tartar, and to keep them free of it by consistent brushing but the word 'consistent' is key.  I've also used PetzLife gel which works but only by using it regularly. It seems to soften the tartar so that it can easily be scraped off.

Rescuing or adopting a dog / Re: A Handful of Experiences
« on: Sep 17, 2014, 20:45 »
What interesting stories - thank you for sharing them.  They illustrate how useful it is to have experience when rescuing a dog with issues. Sometimes you have to accept what they are (as you have done) and work with that rather than against it.  In some ways I can understand why people prefer to have puppies as it is like a fresh start and hopefully there won't be difficulties with behaviour. However, it is not guaranteed. I just think it is sad that there are so many dogs in rescue, damaged or not.   :(

You're welcome.  I just hope that she likes the food and gets on with it.  I too ordered the starter pack today. Please would you let us know how you get on? You never know if it might help someone else.  I'm keeping fingers crossed for you both.

Introductions / Re: Good Afternoon
« on: Sep 17, 2014, 17:49 »
Good afternoon Psychedelic. What an interesting mixture Lizzy is; it was so good of you to rescue her and to give her a good life.  It's rather predictable that Roger won't retrieve - terriers don't like giving up anything.  Well done with the agility though.  I often think that owners need to be as fit as the dogs because they seem to have to run around the ring too.  Bit too much for me at my age - I'd be collapsed on the floor after one lap!  LOL

Gosh - we're a match  made in heaven!  LOL    ;D

Yes, I find Natures Menu to be too much to take in - so many varieties. I chose Nutriment because it is all good ingredients, straightforward and unadulterated. Salmon oil is added too - excellent for the omega oils.  I am sure you would get help from their customer services people if you gave them a call.  Honestly, it is so easy to feed - if I had known that I would have started a long time ago.  I thought raw was all about a lot of chopping meat and vegetables with a huge amount of effort involved.  This is a doddle and it is lovely to know that they are getting quality food.  In your case you would need to stop any form of cereal (dog biscuits included).  You need to feed at least 2% of the dog's body weight but in your case it could be more as you want to increase weight.  They will advise you.

The company have some treats that you could give but I use Fish4Dogs Tiddlers (sea jerky) and the lady at Nutriment said this was fine.  I've fed these as a treat for a long time because they are really crunchy and help to keep teeth clean. You

I fed JWB for some time before I got into knowing about nutrition for dogs and now I realise that it is chock full of cereal/grain - not particularly useful for a dog like yours. Agree with George about Chappie - it has ingredients which might not suit your Labrador. At

Hello Binkymum. I'm sorry to hear about your poor Labrador. You have done very well to find out what is causing this problem - lots of people who have dogs with this kind of issue are not able to determine the cause.  I have to say that I hadn't heard of storage mites until very recently. This particular person had apparently solved the problem by pouring boiling water on the kibble.  I subsequently read about it here and it seems that even dead mites and their excreta can cause irritation in affected dogs so it is a mystery why this should work.

Anyway, I wonder if you have had a look at feeding raw?  It seems to me that this might be the answer but I hope there are other replies which might help you.  I never fancied raw feeding but began just over one week ago due to weight issues.  Because I am unsure about the correct nutrition I opted for Nutriment complete raw meals.  It is extremely easy to feed this - no different from opening a tin of dog food.  I have found their customer support people very helpful so don't be afraid to give them a call.  There are other companies that do raw meals e.g. Natures Menu and Natural Instinct.  Look carefully at the ingredients and I would recommend that you go cereal free. I have to say that I am amazed at how easy the transition is and how well it is going right now.

Please do not worry about your dog's teeth if you don't feed kibble. There is no proof that kibble cleans their teeth and tbh I cannot see why it should.  After all, when a human eats a biscuit it doesn't clean our teeth.  I wonder if the opposite is true i.e. the reduction in cereal and carbohydrates could actually keep the teeth cleaner, exactly as it does for us when we avoid sweets. The best way of keeping your dog's teeth clean is to brush them daily with a canine toothpaste.  Bones are also recommended and are reputed to work well. 

Rescuing or adopting a dog / Re: Re homing Muffin
« on: Sep 17, 2014, 06:40 »
It has been lovely to follow Muffin's story and I know from reading it from the very beginning that she has a fabulous home where her mum and dad accept her just as she is and love her a great deal.  We have a lot in common because I too rescued a Dogs Trust elderly Cairn in 2010. Possibly she had some mixed parentage too. She came with health problems and had been badly neglected so it was a challenge right from the beginning.  Sadly she died a few months ago. We loved her to bits and missed her greatly.   :'(

You are so lucky that Muffy was younger and you will hopefully have her for much longer.  Rescue dogs can sometimes need a lot of time and patience but they are so very rewarding.

Dog foods / Re: Eden and lilys kitchen
« on: Sep 16, 2014, 20:17 »
Gosh - I had forgotten about PAL.  Think I must have been one of the better off ones 'cos I fed Pedigree Chum for some time.  Mind you, I didn't feel better off! LOL

General dog chat / Re: Daily dog chat
« on: Sep 16, 2014, 20:14 »
 ;D  That was so funny!  It's a good job the sloes hadn't been used to make gin - he would have had a headache!  LOL   Took two of mine for a nice walk this afternoon. Met my friend (who also has a Cairn) at a local lake.  We had a saunter around and a nice little sit down on a bench where we chatted and watched the water fowl pass by. It was lovely.  This got me thinking - all my friends are dog lovers except just one. There must be something about them that brings us all together.  That has got to be a good thing.   :)

General discussion / Re: Dental Plaque
« on: Sep 16, 2014, 20:07 »
I seem to remember that NM add green tea extract to their food and if James Wellbeloved are to be believed, it is supposed to be good for teeth.

Introductions / Re: Hello from George
« on: Sep 16, 2014, 20:05 »
George - totally agree about delivery. I had my first one of Nutriment, 10 x 500g cartons last week and it was very well wrapped, all solidly frozen. Snag is that the charge was £6 something but I can well understand why and I am not complaining.  I need to find out if it is cheaper to have a larger order but would have to purchase a second freezer to do this so we are on the lookout for a used one. 

I've no problem emptying a carton within the 3 days of thawing because I have two Cairns eating it plus the little one having it added to her other food.  Eventually I hope to get her on to it too.  Unfortunately they cannot give a delivery time so it is a case of waiting in unless you are happy to have it left somewhere.  Natures Menu sell nuggets of raw meals and I think it might be helpful for Nutriment to do something similar for those who, like Tinyplanets have the one, small dog. I've just posted about this idea on their Facebook page.   

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