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Been away from here for a while but came on after hearing about this issue.

Is it causing anyone here to move away from Grain Free food or rethink the brand they feed? My eldest was fed Grain Free until she passed away last year and my GSD is currently fed on it too.

It's a bit close to home because i come from a family with hereditary cardiomyopathy issues, myself included. I know in people 80-90% of cases are inherited, and i'd assume it would be the case in dogs too. I was a little surprised to see it could be caused by diet.

When they mention dogs 'pre disposed' in these reports does anyone know if they're actually looking at the parentage of the dogs that have cardiomyopathy issues or if they're just referring to certain breeds that the problem is more common in.

It will be interesting to see when some data related to the UK comes out.

Dog treats / Re: Healthy dental chews?
« on: Jul 16, 2019, 10:39 »
Hi Doreen,

Have you tried Fish Skin Chews? My dogs have been using them for years with great results and i know other people who go to dog shows who swear by them too.

We've always used because they've got a big range of different shapes and sizes, but there's others too like Fish4Dogs.

They pong a bit but what dog doesn't like that!

Feeding dogs with health problems / Re: Hypothyroidism
« on: Apr 09, 2015, 19:41 »
Hi Dottie, which light and Low purine food did you use that helped with the weight issues? Did you try Acana's light and fit?

Just spoken to one company that do cold pressed, they've said that meat products are '...cooked in way that salmonella and bacteria are destroyed and that the food is later cold pressed at no more than 45 degrees celsius.' although she couldn't tell me what that cooking process is, so cooked meats are then being cold pressed. Does that not defeat the point a little, although the videos of the extruded vs cold pressed digestion make it look a much better prospect regardless, but is the difference between the nutritional values being saved that noticeable?

Certainly doesn't answer why a UK manufacturer hasn't done it yet if it's as simple as cooking the products first before cold pressing?

Feeding dogs with health problems / Re: Hypothyroidism
« on: Mar 12, 2015, 14:49 »
I did have her on Applaws before this new one but that was quite high fat as well as being high protein and to be honest i've noticed no difference between the applaws and the food their on now except that their stools are a little better now. One was tending to get clogged anal glands on Applaws.

I'll have a look at the Acana light and fit, but in the meantime i think it looks like waiting until the medicine is right and MORE exercise. Bless her, the shepherd is in fantastic condition though, it's strange how much of a difference the Hypothyroidism makes considering they get pretty much the same amount of food (the Husky gets a bit less because of her weight problem) and the same amount of exercise yet the Husky is a good 6-8 kg heavier! She is taller than the GSD too though.

Thanks Dottie, i think i'll message a few of the cold pressed companies and ask how they make sure their products are sterile. I'll let you all know what i'm told.

All about cat food / Re: All about cat food.
« on: Mar 10, 2015, 15:01 »
I've always been under the impression that dry food is a no-no for cats because it causes kidney issues, especially because cats don't have the best drinking habits.

Saying that I'd imagine Pure could do a great cat range in the future.

Mine's just on wainwrights wet foods at the moment and he seems happy enough, a lot of wet foods by the high protein companies aren't suitable as a complete diet.

I did have him on Forthglade but his stools were horrendous.

I was the same Dottie, i hadn't considered it either, one of the companies i spoke to said that they were excited about the idea and that everything looked great in theory but when they looked at the practical side of things those sort of problems started popping up.

I didn't get a chance to go to Farm food's stand because i would have asked them how they get around it, i'm assuming there must be a certain level of cooking at some point to kill bacteria? Or maybe freezing perhaps? would that work?

Also, does anyone know why it won't let me quote? It says i'm not allowed to post external links but all i'm trying to do is quote, the posts i'm trying to quote don't have links in either? 

Feeding dogs with health problems / Hypothyroidism
« on: Mar 10, 2015, 14:47 »
Hi guys i'm new here, i have a 7 year old Husky who has Hypothyroidism, which generally means she struggles to lose weight. It's not as bad as more severe cases where dogs get lesions and lose fur but she does put on weight very easily, struggle to shed it and gets lethargic occasionally, regardless of the amount of exercise she receives.

She's still in the process of going through her blood tests which she has every few months to determine how much medication she should be on, i was wondering what i should be looking for in her food?

At the moment she's on a 50% salmon and trout with sweet potato kibble which has been great for my german shepherd, and generally fine for the Husky but no results in terms of weight loss really. Although some people have said this won't really balance out until her levels of medication are sorted?

I don't have the space to raw feed unfortunately.

Dog treats / Re: Do you feed treats to your dog?
« on: Mar 10, 2015, 14:35 »
You could look at Skippers Pet Products for fishy treats, their sea jerky squares for example are about £10 cheaper than Fish4Dogs and they're air dried too rather than cooked, they have lots of bits Fish4Dogs don't do as well.

I might have to look into one of these dehydrators you guys are talking about,  what's a fair price to pay for one and how much room do they take up?

In reply to Dottie at the top of the page (Sorry it won't let me quote for some reason) I posed the question  of why a UK business hasn't started manufacturing it here yet at Cruft's to some kibble manufacturers and fears of the sterility of the food seemed to be the answer. What i was told was that because the food isn't cooked at a high temperature for a certain amount of time like in extruding there are worries about salmonella etc, not so much affecting dogs, but if peoples kids etc get hold of the food.

They all did say it's definitely something that will be happening in the future though.

And hi everyone, first post! :)

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