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General discussion / Re: Hyperactive Dog
« on: Nov 23, 2014, 21:10 »
Thank you all so much for your comments, Mum currently feeds Skinners Field and Trail.  All her dogs are working dogs and this one is no exception.  I have copied the biscuit recipe, we will certainly give them a try!

We are thinking a different food is the way though!!  Hopefully we will find something that works.  We thought he would calm down with age but he is nearly 4 now and showing no signs of calming!!

General discussion / Hyperactive Dog
« on: Nov 23, 2014, 13:19 »
I'm wondering if anyone has any advice regarding feeding a very very hyper collie.  My mum has had collies her whole life, the are all working dogs, but her latest dog is very hyper.  And he is so slim, it is very hard to help him put meat on his bones.

Does anyone have any recommended feeding for calming?

Feeding dogs with health problems / Dog food and cancer
« on: Nov 16, 2014, 15:03 »

I am doing some research into my dogs diet as she recently has had treatment for a mast cell tumour.  She had surgery and is just finishing up a 4 week treatment of radiotherapy.

I have read that sunflower oil is something to avoid to help stop a cancer reoccurrence, and I have discovered that her Burns sensitive which I have fed her on for a while does contain sunflower oil, so I am thinking of finding s new feed.

Does anyone have any advice on a feed for a dog who has had cancer, she is only 5, a wee Sheltie and I want to do everything I can to stop a reoccurrence.

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