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Great advice, thank you both!

Thank you for the welcome. It's actually Canagan dry that we are adding - but I think the principle is the same. It's just adding a bit of a different taste and smell to his food that he finds appealing. We just wanted to ensure that there wasn't some dietary downside to mixing different foods with different ingredients. I think you've allayed that fear. Thanks again.

General discussion / Is it ok to feed a mix of two foods?
« on: Aug 30, 2017, 17:55 »
Our 9 month old male Golden Retriever has started to turn his nose up at Orijen Puppy Large Breed kibble which he has previously happily devoured for the last 7 months. In all other respects, he is perfectly healthy. As an experiment, we have started mixing Canagan free run chicken in to his meals in a 60:40 ratio (Orijen:Canagan) which he seems happy with. Given that I have 2 large bags of Orijen in the garage to use up (worth about £140) that he might not otherwise eat, is this mixed food strategy ok in the long run (as opposed to switching 100% to another food) or are there any potential problems with this approach? Thanks for any advice that anyone can give.

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