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Hello Brimstone. My cockapoo was on Forthglade for about 8 months and had no issues with it (apart from all the peas in it). He is now on Naturediet Feel Good.
Although it could be the food - I would maybe suggest at 10 weeks old, and it happening in the afternoon, that your puppy is possibly over tired. Has he been playing when aggression happens? I think they need around 18 hours of sleep at that age and maybe time out in his crate / den / bed will help at that point.
I can also remember my boy hanging off my trouser leg and his teeth were razor sharp. I thought I had a devil dog for the first few months (he was on a high quality kibble).
Good luck.

Hi Dottie.
The vet recommended Protexin Pro Fibre for Freddie's anal glands but it gave Freddie the runs. So on recommendation from a friend and also the nurse at the vets we tried Organic Blonde Pysillium Husk (from Amazon) and this suits Freddie. I mix a teaspoon of it with 1 tsp of water and 1 tsp of the Plusbac and add it to his food in the morning. I can recommend it.

Hi All,

A  year ago i was asking advice about changing Freddie's food over to help with his allergies and anal glands etc and i thought you would like an update.

I initially used Forthglade for about 6 months but then in September moved him onto Naturediet "Feel Good" range.
He mainly has the Fish and the Salmon packs and things have improved immensely. He has gone 4 months without anal glands being done and he is completely off the Apoquel tablets (thrilled with that). I have no idea what has caused this improvement but i suspect it is the limited ingredients. He occasionally has the lamb variety but that can cause runny poop. The only negative is actually opening the carton!!

For treats he has the Apple mini treats from Forthglade and Anco Sea Jerky and Dried Sprats.

I must add that i also give him a teaspoon of Physillium Husk every morning and a teaspoon of Plusbac (probiotic).

General discussion / Re: Soft poop!
« on: Jul 03, 2018, 16:34 »
My cockapoo had issues with soft poop and had to have anal glands done every 4 weeks. For the first 6 months he was on various kibble including Canagan and Gentle but nothing helped. I then went onto raw for a year but occasional soft poop and anal gland issues continued. Then 6 months ago I switched him onto Forthglade Wet. I started him off with the Turkey and Butternut Squash (sweet potato gives him the runs) and that seemed to agree with him. He now has their brown rice varieties (lamb and ocean fish) three or four days a week and then the non rice variety on the other days. This seems to have sorted his issues out. I also now give him an occasional teaspoonful of AllBran (altho start with just a little). Anal glands are now only needed to be done every 10 weeks or so and I am hoping this will continue to improve. Good luck!!

Dog foods / Re: Feeding a cockapoo raw or wet
« on: Feb 07, 2018, 14:52 »
Hello - I thought I would give you a quick update now that Freddie has been 100% on Forthglade Wet  (Turkey and Butternut Squash) for over 2 weeks...
His "output" is great - firm poos but more in volume which i am hoping will assist with his anal gland issues. Freddie has not had any runny poo for nearly three weeks now which i am delighted about.
He is on Apoquel for allergies and this week I have been giving him just half the tablet and so far so good...... I know it is still very early days but i am feeling optimistic.

Dog foods / Re: Feeding a cockapoo raw or wet
« on: Jan 26, 2018, 12:38 »
Thank you Dottie. Freddie is on the grain free Turkey with Butternut Squash and i will keep him on that for at least a month before trying another protein. I weighed him at the start so i can monitor whether he needs more or less food.

Dog foods / Re: Feeding a cockapoo raw or wet
« on: Jan 25, 2018, 17:46 »
Thank you all for your replies.
I am currently weaning Freddie onto Forthglade wet complete (Forthglade have been incredibly helpful and informative). His "output" is certainly more in volume but only time will tell if it helps anal glands and/or itching. I will keep you posted.

Dog foods / Re: Feeding a cockapoo raw or wet
« on: Jan 15, 2018, 13:58 »
Thank you for this very helpful advice Dottie.
I phoned Naturediet and they only use WHITE rice so I will give the Forthglade a go and maybe add some extra brown rice if needed.

Dog foods / Feeding a cockapoo raw or wet
« on: Jan 15, 2018, 10:57 »
Hello. This is my first post but i have a dilemma about doing the best for my 2 year old cockapoo.
He is currently on Natural Instinct which suits him well - but he still has to have his anal glands emptied every 8 weeks or so and is on tablets for his itchiness. With regards to the anal glands the vet suggested adding rice to his diet.....
This has started a thought process and i am wondering if i should (reluctantly) try him on something like Naturediet wet food that has brown rice included. Kibble most certainly caused digestive issues so would not return to that. Has anyone on here moved from raw to wet and found improvements in their dog.
Thank you in advance. x

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