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Thanks guys. I'd like to give him all wet but I just can't afford it from initial research.

His weight is ideal and he's generally OK in himself. Sometimes he's sick but they think this is the bracycephaly that is common to the breed.

I think he's just generally fussy to be honest, he's the same with some treats he's offered. I haven't looked at the thread yet but I will. 

Thanks for your thoughts Dottie... Forthglade is cold pressed so we've tried that... we've also tried augmenting his food with tuna, chicken, ham, corned beef and sardines. Eggs make him sick. Forthglade and Aatu are great quality products so we aren't giving him junk.

Are samples a good idea given that transitions have to be very slow? Don't people find it upsets their dogs' tums?

Thanks for your considered response, I'll take a look at the thread you mention and look into probiotics.

We don't particularly prefer kibble, but it's what we can afford. Unfortunately we've tried warming it and having it in toys long ago, no joy. We also used to feed him smaller meals twice a day but found he was more likely to eat full stop if we gave him one in the evening only. We've got to where we are through tonnes of experimenting.

The vet checks his gums when we go for appointments and haven't found anything, and frustratingly appointments are on hold at the moment, but I'll bear in mind the urine test idea, thank you.

We have a 4 year old French bulldog who has always had some difficulty with his food. For a year and a bit he was initially on Tails, then we switched to Forthglade, and then Aatu (these switches were spread over the course of 4 years). The reason for the switch each time is because he becomes less and less interested in the food, skipping eating entirely or just having a tiny nibble. With Forthglade he refused it so often he started to lose quite a bit of weight.

We've always given him primarily dry food, mixed with a bit of wet to make it interesting - because when he was a puppy he quickly decided dry alone was boring. We keep the dry food as chicken, and then rotate the flavours of the wet.

He's never had particularly great poops - usually the first one of the day is fine and then any subsequent ones are very soft. He has regular health checks and the vet thinks he's in good condition. They don't have anything useful/new to say about his poo or his food.

I think we're back in the same place again where he's starting to lose interest in the Aatu, so I have tried once again to switch him to something new, this time opting for True Instinct Natures Menu. Whenever we've switched, I've always taken care to manage the transition slowly and carefully. With this transition I've gone extra slowly because I had tonnes of Aatu left. However, even on a ratio of 50% new: 50% old, he has become much more flatulent than usual and all his poops are extremely soft. This is after two weeks of this ratio.

He likes the new food but it doesn't seem like it's agreeing with him. The problem is I obviously don't want to be jumping about from one new food to another because that won't help him either... but if we stick with Aatu I'm also worried about him getting back into the mindset where he refuses it entirely. Because of his upset stomach, this evening I offered him a ratio of 90 old:10 new, and he rejected it. This could be because his tum isn't quite right, but it could also be because it was mostly Aatu, which we think he's going off.

To help him reset after an illness in the past we have given him chicken and rice - but he no longer eats the rice at all, so this isn't particularly viable. Feeding raw isn't an option for us because we don't have the freezer space or the time to make it ourselves fresh. In terms of treats, he was being given too many by my partner but this was then strictly reduced, so he shouldn't be refusing food because he's already full up.

Would really appreciate any thoughts. I just want him to be happy and healthy. My partner is a fussy eater too, I feel like I'm the only sane one in the house.  :-\

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