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General discussion / Re: Dogs that eat poo help !!!
« on: Jan 27, 2017, 12:54 »
Just noticed that this topic was in the general section and wanted to add my two cents...

My Lottie has an obsession with poo! She eats it and rolls in it non stop... she's not discriminate either! The smellier the better  >:(
   Firstly her own poo - if you don't pick it up as soon as she's gone, she'll turn around and eat it. I think this stems back to an incident in my parent's house (where she lived for the first year of her life) where she pooed in the house and was scolded so now she tries to hide the evidence asap. Maybe I'm wrong though...We tried all kinds of things (the pineapple, the chilli powder etc but she just seemed to like it even more). So as long as we clean up straight away - it's not an issue.
  However, it's other animal's poo that's the problem! My eyes are constantly on the ground for other dog or cat poo (loves cat poo) trying to spot it before she does!  I don't like to muzzle her as that gives off the wrong impression to other people that she's dangerous. Generally, if she does get some (not every outing of course) I just wait til I get home and give her a small dental treat/carrot/lots of water and hope she doesn't lick me!

The rolling in poo is another common occurrence - but a lot of dogs do that. I try to stop her or keep her on her lead but sometimes she gets the better of me and reeks of fox poo! Consequently she has a bath 2-3 times a week ... I try not to fully wash her if possible - just spot wash as I know too much washing is bad for her!  I just use baby shampoo as it's the mildest around.

My dog was bred on Beta puppy too (from breeders) but then she went off it completely and didn't want to know! I then tried a little known company called Wuffitmix which she loved but then went off it again! She wouldn't eat for days at a time until I switched Bakers (which she LOVE LOVE LOVED and put on weight!) so then to Arden Grange light to get her back down. Now looking at other alternatives...

Well thank you to all - I will be reviewing /researching into various names that you have mentioned and make a decision soon.  I'm leaning towards Lukullus as it seems to tick all the boxes and be just about in my price range (slightly over but oh well!). I'll keep you all posted as to how I get on . Thanks again so much!

Thank you for all your posts everyone...

She tends to go the same amount whether she is with me or someone else and regardless of other dogs.  As for weight - she is fairly healthy weight for her crossbreed (she's part beagle so is sturdy not slim!)  and  is prone to putting on weight easily. The vet suggested a while ago to put her on a light food but maybe as you say, I should switch to a normal one now. 
Dottie - what were the other questions you had for me to suggest a different dog food?  Thanks again!

Hello all, I'm Ellie and I have never ever written on a forum before so I apologise first off if I make a pig's ear of it! I just really need some advice on whether to keep my dog, Lottie,  on her current food or to change it. 

Info on Lottie:
Breed: Beagle x Springer Spaniel (a speagle)
Age: 6 years old
Weight: 17.5 kg
Food: Arden Grange light - 100g/morning & 100g/evening
No allergies or medical issues
Walks - 1 - 11/2 hours morning and 15-30 mins afternoon

The reason for this post is that my dog walker (I have a medical condition so can't always walk her) mentioned to me this morning that out of all of her dogs, Lottie does the most stools!  In a morning, she will do 4-5 lots! In an afternoon she'll go 1-2 times... The dog walker said that maybe Lottie wasn't getting all the nutrition out of her food/wasn't absorbing  properly and maybe I should try something else ?   Her stools are quite solid and occasionally has a hard time pushing them out...

I thought I would ask on here before I asked my vet! Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks for reading .

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