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Home cooking / Fresh food feeding
« on: Sep 05, 2019, 22:15 »
Hi all, hoping you can advise me on what fresh foods we can use as a diet for our pup, that has all the nutrients he needs whilst still growing. He is a year old on 17th September. He gets very very bored with dry food, although he does eat his fresh food at teatime. We have tried all sorts but due to severe food allergies we are limited. Please don’t suggest raw as this is not an option!! He is severely allergic to all meat proteins and when we tried raw fish he also reacted to that, but is fine when it’s cooked. Our older girl is on cooked food rather than dog food due to wheat intolerance and we are thinking this is what he is wanting, which to be fair we would be open to if we can get all the correct nutrients into him. Any advice would be great fully appreciated. Thanks in advance

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