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Dog foods / Most Suitable Food for an Italian Spinone
« on: Dec 17, 2015, 19:27 »
Hi, I'm lucky enough to own an Italian Spinone. He's 27 months old and has recently been castrated.

When he was last weighed he was approx. 34 kgs. We're not overly concerned but he hasn't started filling out or bulking up yet so he still looks a bit like a gangly teenager. He's healthy and gets 2 regular walks a day. The vets said he was within his normal weight range but was at the lower end. I appreciate they are slow developing dogs.

I was just wondering if any Spinone owners out there who could give examples of what food they feed their dogs please?

I currently feed hime with Vets Recommended Diets Naturals Lamb and Rice dry food.

Hope you can help.

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