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Turmeric  seems to be  good for our dogs and for humans. This web page shows various ways to give turmeric to dogs, including the recipe of golden paste
They recommend introduce turmeric gradually.

Supplements / Wormwood Complex
« on: Dec 18, 2016, 09:19 »
In case anyone is interested, looking for natural options for my dogs, I found this product Phytopet Wormwood Complex that would serve to deworming internally
They are a few drops to be supplied every month for 3 days. My dogs have been taking it for the last 4 months, I mix it with plain yogurt (no sugar) and they take it without any  problem.
It seems ok but I would like to know if anyone else  had tried this product with its dogs

Dottie, I have been in contact with Luposan Spain to ask them about percentages of corn and rice   in Luposan Extra Energy and the answer is  that the percentage of whole grain rice is 19,5% and 8% whole grain corn. I think  8% of corn is  not a problem at all. Very happy with its costumer support.

I went to "read more" on the website
Ingredients in Luposan Extra Energy:
Dehydrated and ground Black Angus Beef: 20.6 %, Dehydrated and ground chicken meat: 9.4%, Dehydrated and ground Menhaden Herring 5.8 %, Dry swamp clay 2.6%, Diatomaceous Earth 1.6 %, Canaliculus 1.6%, Green clay 1.4%, Perna canaliculus sea mussel protein 1.2%, Dried cranberries (OPC), Brown rice- (parboiled and milled), Steamed whole and ground corn, Ground millet, Ground amaranth, Cold-pressed vegetable oils (linseed oil, rice and nuts), Gelatine, Mix of dried seaweed, Fresh green herbs (caraway , fennel , thyme ), Yucca schidigera, Egg yolk powder, Ground flax seeds, Herring Oil,Beet-pulp
 and Analysis:
Crude protein:   29,6% , Crude fat:   14%, Humidity:   8,8%, Incinerated residue:   6,50%, Crude fiber:   2,90%, Calcium:   1,28%, Phosphorus:   1,05%, Magnesium:   0,12%, Sodium:   0,38%
Energy: 16,54 Mj 3900Kcal/Kg
Carbohydrates: 39,8%

 I think the ingredients and analysis are good

Thanks for your opinions.  I think I will try  Luposan Natural Extra Energy  first and supplement with raw food (in different meals) when it is possible. I normally change brand quite often so I have several options to choose.

Hello, I am new in this forum. I live in Spain and I am interested in cold pressed food for my four dogs. Checking the options that I have got : Luposan, Lupovet,  Markhus Muhle, Lukullus, Naturavetal, Farm Food and Healthy Dogs, which one would you think is the best option? Personally I  like Gentle and Guru but it is just not convenient for me.
Another question: I have my doubts about the percentage of carbohydrates, it seems to me too high in all the brands that I have checked ( around  40%), I thought the ideal % was around 20%.

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