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Supplements / Re: Are supplements needed?
« on: Oct 16, 2014, 13:35 »
For me supplements can be helpful especially when remembering dogs are in an unnatural environment. Firstly, I would always recommend a good food but as dogs live in human homes and central heating etc can sometimes cause rapid changes in a dogs needs and can cause itchy dry skin. We've had good success with our Ch Cresties (hairless and powder puffs) using starflower oil (also known as Safflower oil or thistle oil) also we have used Cold Pressed Flax oil - been hearing a lot about coconut oil recently but not tried it yet.
Re natural flea repellent - Neem Oil has been recommended and you can get this in shampoo form

Dog treats / Re: Do you feed treats to your dog?
« on: Oct 16, 2014, 13:22 »
Treats we've used and recommend
For chewy treats - dried duck necks, antlers and cow hooves (non filled) - Tasty Bone range is a good alternative to Nylabone
Training treats - natural - Pet Munchies do a range of Venison and Liver which come in strips but are really easy to break down, Dried sprats, good and fishy but smelly if left in your pocket.
Training treats - Pate (dog specific) is great as it comes in a toothpaste tube and you can squeeze out a pea sized treat and the dog licks it off the tube. These are great cause you can put the top back on and they're not smelly in your pocket. Arden grange do a range but we've found the Trixie ones a bit better it might be that dogs can see the blue packaging better.
Trixie also do a range of tiny mini bone treats - smallest treats I know and they come in a 500g tub for about £4

General discussion / Re: Good dog feeding on a budget
« on: Oct 13, 2014, 18:46 »
Wellbeloved not made there, but many, many others are. (including the one where she pretends to make it on her AGA)

General discussion / Re: Good dog feeding on a budget
« on: Oct 13, 2014, 17:11 »
Back to feeding on a budget - try your independent pet shop - there is a range of white label dog (and cat) foods sold through pet shops that are made up to similar recipes to branded ones, they are reviews on this site giving around 3.4 or 3.5 and price ranges around £26 - £32 for a 12kg bag. There is also a range of grain free which are considerably lower than the many brands out there (yet to be reviewed on here)

General discussion / Re: Acrylamides
« on: Oct 13, 2014, 16:57 »
Good stuff on Acrylamides but with a 'but'. Had a look at the 2012 report and the foods they used in the tests are, in mine and the scores on this website opinion, pants. It would be good to see the tests run using a good quality premium dog food and draw conclusions - indeed as stated in other posts - see the difference in good quality extruded dog food against cold pressed and baked etc. Can't see it happening as I would say for every £ an independent researcher spends, the big four spend ten thousand

General discussion / Re: Peas
« on: Oct 13, 2014, 16:45 »
I have had a couple of customers who have had blood tests and shown pea allergies as being a problem and it was very difficult to find a 'premium' food that didn't contain peas, especially amongst the grain free. There are various brands of blood tests that vets can do to find food allergies and some don't have a test for peas. It does tend to be the grain free foods that are higher in pea content, but peas in general have the consensus that they are a good ingredient. I shall watch and learn.
As to peas in CH nuggets passing straight through, not had that problem in our (very fussy) dogs or indeed any feedback from customers.
If you want a different slant on peas - Bakers wet food was launched at a pet show last year and we were all given free samples - open it up, amongst the ahem, gravy, nice cubes of carrot and round green peas, read the label and there are no peas or carrot in it just pea powder and carrot powder - so Bakers go to all the trouble of reconstituting powders into balls and cubes just for effect. All our dogs turned up their noses at it.

Recalls and alerts / Re: Naturediet
« on: Oct 09, 2014, 12:34 »
We had a letter recently from Nature Diet saying they had a problem with the packaging since they moved factory and that they were withdrawing stocks until they could put the packaging problem right. It is currently out of stock from the wholesaler but giving a re stocking date of 24th October

Natures Menu Feeding Guide
NM give feeding guide as 50% free flow 25% assorted fruit and veg and 25% carbs which they suggest to be rice or sweet potato. I'm surprised they don't recommend a 80:20 along the lines of Orijen & Simpsons but I suppose they have different ranges for different feeding regimes.

Pure is good for the range of ingredients and the convenience - it can be pre mixed and frozen in batches. Only thing I would say is it does have a very 'herby' smell which some dogs have found off putting, I would suggest getting a sample before getting a large bag

Dog foods / Re: Pedigree reply about there food
« on: Oct 07, 2014, 14:49 »
Re 'Hypoallergenic'
I had to laugh when the Waltham customer service referred to a 'hypoallergenic dog food' as this was a term first promoted by James Wellbeloved - also owned by Mars.

I had a customer with similar problem about 8 months ago - same ingredients came up after the blood test and the vet recommended Hills which the dog didn't like - took me ages to find a decent (dry) food without peas but I found Arden Grange Sensitive and Platinum Salmon and Potato (white label pet shop brand) - dog looking great after feeding the Salmon & Potato - its half the price of HIlls but does contain oats (it is reviewed on AADF and I think scores 3.6)

In terms of grain free and fish - Canagen Scottish Salmon comes in both a wet and dry, Barking Heads FIsh N Delish, Arden Grange Sensitive -  lots and lots of grain free foods have been launched recently including a white label pet shop only grain free in four 'flavours' with 50% meat content - Country Hunter also do a dry dog food to complement the tins and frozen

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