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Dog foods / Re: Thoughts about Wonderboo air dried food
« on: Feb 29, 2020, 12:23 »
Fresh food that I could add are ground beef and sardines. I’ve read that sardines should be bought in water or natural oil like olive but without salt. Sadly I couldn’t find any sardines without added salt, John West 90 gram sardines in water have 1 gram salt, is this ok?

Dog foods / Re: Thoughts about Wonderboo air dried food
« on: Feb 27, 2020, 20:53 »
Thank you for answering. I did try the tool but I also wanted an opinion from you guys since I was unsure if it's ok the main ingredient to be rumen and the ingredient list to be that short.

Dog foods / Thoughts about Wonderboo air dried food
« on: Feb 26, 2020, 10:31 »
What do you think about Wonderboo’s ingredients since it mainly has rumen (tripe). There is a recipe with beef too, but was thinking the sensitive version to be better for my dog who has a sensitive stomach (miniature poodle, 2,8 years old, weight 5-6 kg).

Wonderboo Sensitive Meal:

Rumen (80 %), potato fibre (5 %), carrots, ox blood, blueberries, broccoli

4670kCal/1000g, Crude Protein 33%, Crude fat 31%, Crude fibre 6,8%, Crude Ash 2,1%, Calcium 1%, Phosphorus 0,7%, H20 3%, Carbohydrates 14%

Vitamins: A, 2400IE, D 520IE, E 12,7IE, B1 0,5mg, B2 0,2mg, B3 2,3mg, B6 0,8mg, B12 0,6mg, C 8mg, K3 0,8mg, Niacin 6mg, B3 6,0mg. Choline 32mg, Folic Acid 0,16mg, Bio- tin 0,06mg. Trace elements: Na 0,4mg, Mg 0,14mg, Cu 1,4mg, Co 0,08mg, Zn 10mg, Se 0,06mg, IO 3mg

I asked for the omega 6 and 3 ratio but they answered that there is only omega 3 in Nordic Salmon Trout recipe since they only use natural sources of omega. I’m not sure should I feed that though since the salmon trout is probably from the Baltic sea that has lots of environmental toxic.

What do you think about Sensitive Meal? I was thinking adding up cooked ground beef and sardines.

Thank you Dottie for the info. I was thinking if I should feed air dried or cold pressed food instead of regular kibble, I think I’m going to feed Ziwi Peak next, it seems like good food.

Thank you Tinyplanets. I add cooked ground beef. I do give sometimes fresh veg/fruit, carrot and apple for example, but I think I should do so more frequently. I found an article on Whole Dog Journal that says about 50 g of sardines should be given to a 5 kg dog in a week, does this sound about right?

One thing I’m worried about Naturea Naturals Lamb is the ratio between omega 6 and 3, 3 is pretty low. Could it be fixed with sardines or should II be looking for other kibble? I’ve also been thinking feeding Ziwipeak. I bought a small sample bag of beef dry food and my dog didn't want to eat it without anything (he’s very picky about dry food) but when mixing it with a bit of rice and cooked ground beef he ate it. I wonder how much I should be feeding Ziwipeak if it’s mixed with other food.

I would like to buy Naturea Naturals Lamb dry food to my adult miniature poodle and will mix it with ground beef too. The ingredient list is this:

Fresh lamb (21 %), dehydrated lamb meat (17 %), brown rice, purified fat chicken, hydrolysed lamb liver (3 %), brewer’s yeast, potato, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, apple, carrot, pumpkin, spinach, cranberries, seaweed, mannooligosaccharides, fructooligosaccharides, yucca schidigera, oregano, rosemary, parsley, sage.

I like that it doesn’t have fish or fish oil since I’ve heard fish oil becomes easily rancid. But because of this the Omega 3 percentage is only 0,22 %. That’s why I was thinking feeding my mini poodle (around 5-6 kg) sardines but don’t know how much I should, could you help me? The dry food has 2,5 % of Omega 6 by the way.

Other dry food I was thinking to feed is Barking Heads chop lickin’ lamb but it has fish and fish oil. What are your thoughts of it, should I worry about fast oxidation of fish oils? Other difference between this and Naturea’s lamb dry food is chop lickin’ lamb doesn’t have any fruits or berries. Are those important in dry food?

Thanks in advance!

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