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Hello again,   I have just been looking at Happy dog food (wet tins)  They contain 100% of  turkey or duck, lamb, buffalo or beef.   Have put the ingredients in the instant review regenerator and it scores 4.5.
Meat and animal by-products (100% turkey), minerals.
The 100% of a particular meat sounds good, as i could add some veg etc. But does the by-products mean nasties??

Thanks for the info on ziwipeak, will definitely not be trying that one!   Think it's going to be home cooked for lottie

Thank you all so much for the advice,   ziwipeak food is one I've found also on the search engine that does not contain any of the ingredients lottie is supposed to be allergic to.   However it's very expensive.    Will have a look at the Bob & lush.

Sorry forgot to mention she's on barking heads grain free salmon wet,and their fish delight atm.  But they contain tomoto and peas.
She was always on symply b4 but she always had problems with her anal glands,hence me trying raw and millies.

Thanks for alll your advice, apologies i never mentioned all of the issues on the forum. I was just wondering if anyone knows how reliable these test results are? She's also allergic to 15 other things, such as grass and barley etc etc etc. Also storage mites found in dry food. She needs to have two vials made up of immunotherapy treatment, has anyone had this done before? All these treatments are very expensive. Thanks, Shirley.

Thank you for taking the time to research and reply, however raw is most likely out of the question because of the high protein levels and last time we tried her on it she ended up having a bad reaction.
We also had the same reaction with Millies Countryside Mix, I really think i'm going to struggle with this one as I need to keep her proteins levels down as well. Have looked at some of the wet foods and the odd few may meet the requirements. Thanks Shirley

I have just received the results from my West Highland Terrier's allergy test and she is borderline allergic to White Potato, Milk, Yeast, Rice, Soy Bean, Peanuts, Berry mix, Banana & Green Beans. She is borderline/positive to Tomato, Squash, Pumpkin, Green Peas. She is positive allergic to Barley. The advice from the Vet was to avoid Tomato, Barley, Squash & Green peas.
Trouble is, I am struggling to find a food without the green peas, and she eats wet and dry.
She is about to start Immunotherapy treatment for at least 15 other allergens.
I have tried the search engine but peas appear to be in everything.
Has anyone else had a similar issue with the peas, or does anyone know any foods that don't include the ingredients the vet advised us to avoid.

Hello again,
The main food she was on before was symply turkey, wet & dry, She was still itchy, especially her face and legs/feet + a hot spot on her back.  But her anal glands were always blocked and had soft stools.
That's why I tried the  4 and 5* foods, but made her worse,  I'm now trying barking heads grain free fish wet+ dry,but it's far to early to see if this is any better for her.

It's just the high protein foods made her skin issues worse,especially her face.   She's still having treatment from the vet.
It was very interesting to read about the storage mites in the dry dog food regarding the face itching!

 Hello from Shirley & lottie ,
Tried my westie on Millies and nutriment (both very high protein) with very poor results, the skin problems and itching it caused was unbelievable.Cost me a fortune in vet fees,and she's still not right.

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