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I have just received the results from my West Highland Terrier's allergy test and she is borderline allergic to White Potato, Milk, Yeast, Rice, Soy Bean, Peanuts, Berry mix, Banana & Green Beans. She is borderline/positive to Tomato, Squash, Pumpkin, Green Peas. She is positive allergic to Barley. The advice from the Vet was to avoid Tomato, Barley, Squash & Green peas.
Trouble is, I am struggling to find a food without the green peas, and she eats wet and dry.
She is about to start Immunotherapy treatment for at least 15 other allergens.
I have tried the search engine but peas appear to be in everything.
Has anyone else had a similar issue with the peas, or does anyone know any foods that don't include the ingredients the vet advised us to avoid.

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