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hi thanks I was thinking of the vets .. I'm sure there is nothing untoward with him as I say give him a tripe stick or a pigs ear and he chomps away happily - I wondered if he could still be cutting teeth as his ears feel a little warm at times and he is chewing his rope toys like mad .. but If he does not improve with the food this week I think a vets visit will not hurt - he is fine in himself playful.. naughty etc ...

I will update you midweek with his eating and vets apt

thanks for your reply

hi hope you can offer me some help - I have had Buddy since he was 10 weeks old he was fed pedigree chum and mixer by his breeder - I weaned him off this after about 2 weeks on to James wellbeloved wet and dry food. I noticed after about three weeks he was not eating the dry just the wet , so I tried Natures own nuggets and mince - at first he ate them with no issues then started leaving them was still giving some dry as well so continued with this and he was on and off eating . In August he went to kennels for two weeks and came back and  for 2 weeks after ate his kibble with no issues . then one morning started growling at his food bowl turned it over and from then on I have struggled to get him to eat idea why he changed there was nothing different about the bowl, the food the day nothing ..

So I changed his bowl - tried feeding on the floor , by hand , in cats dish.. nothing runs over all excited has a sniff and runs away - was managing to get him to eat some kibble in his crate out of a kong but nowhere near the amount he needs daily .

I tried him on just natures own mince - not interested, tried Basils raw mince but he spat the bits of bone out and wouldn't eat it at all even out of a kong , then tried nutriment complete mince.. well out of a kong he loved it - result I thought ..for two weeks all was good then he started getting very loose toilet , then he started messing his crate of a night , then during the day - sometimes he was doing 4 toilets in the space of an hour !  Nutriment said could be underfeeding but the more I fed him the more he went toilet . so I stopped the raw  after 4 weeks and bought a sample bag of Millies wolfhart kibble I could only get him to eat a quarter of his daily requirements he just spits it out , I then ordered some kibble from Tails and he wont entertain it at all spits the kibble out - I have soaked it , put some wet food on, put it in microwave to bring the smell out , put it in a kong and nothing...

I am at a loss what to do with him, he is starting to loose weight as his harness is loose on him now .. can dogs just dislike kibble? someone mentioned naturediet food to me but I have tried so many I really do not know what to do for the best and its costinga fortune- he will still not eat out of a bowl ( drinks from it fine ) nutriment seemed ok but three weeks of the runs was also not good for him - his toilet is back to normal now he is off it .

I have put the food down and taken it back up after 15 minutes he is not bothered he just sits on the sofa and watches me , I have left the room to see if he shows an interest sometimes he sniffs it but mostly he just sits and waits for me to come back, I started thing he had teeth trouble but give him a treat hard or soft and its gone in minutes . the longest he has gone with no food is 4 days then I cave in and force him to try wet food or something even then he does not eat what he needs

he is 9 months old and currently weighs 17kg - any suggestions I really do not know what to do...

thanks carol

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