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Dog foods / Itchy dog/Natural Dog Food Company
« on: May 16, 2015, 19:34 »
Hi Shirley and lottie, i had a problem with my tibetan terrier being really itchy. Problems seemed to be linked both to high protein foods and also foods with more than one source of protein. we noticed a BIG reduction in itching with james wellbeloved but mr murphles really didn't enjoy this food at all. Vets kitchen was a good compromise of palatability and reduced itching but best results have been on the natural dog food company chicken variety. Itching is close to nil and good palatability. So i would recommend that as a trial anyway for itchy dogs.

(Split from this thread)

Hiya - I joined the site specifically to say what a disaster Acana is for my Tibetan T -errier - but I can't work out how to post my comment on the Acana page - it repeatedly asks me for email verification which I have done 3 times now - anyone know where I am going wrong?

Anyway - I have tried my 2 yr old TT on several foods since he was a puppy (Origin, Eden, Canagan, James WB and Vet's Kitchen)  The only one that stops him itching altogether is JWB - BUT he hates it!!!  He will only eat every 2-3 days on it, it just sits there in the bowl.  Vet's kitchen is tastier for him, but some itching.

So - I bought a 13 kg bag of Acana (stupid or what?!)  He has been TORMENTED!!!  Itching worst it's ever been after only 2 days on it - he has drawn blood so I have had to stop it.

Is James Wellbeloved going to have to be it for my TT?  I would like him to enjoy his meals ideally !

Many thanks for reading!

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