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Dog foods / Re: Nutriment
« on: Nov 29, 2018, 17:18 »
It all sounds good but I would like to see them working on eco friendly packaging too. :(

One of the reasons I switched to raw, was an unsettled feeling that giving the same dry food day in, day out must lead to some nutrition requirements not being met. I never felt that the problem was completely solved by changing and I add various bits of cooked human food such as quinoa, brown rice,  well cooked veg, sometimes a few lentils or chick peas. The more I learn about pet and human nutrition, the more convinced I am that the best way to avoid deficiencies is to mix it up as much as possible.  Of course this doesn't always work due to allergies or digestive issues but I have been lucky that my dog rarely has any adverse effects from her diet.

I have had issues with some complete foods leaving her hungry and making her go to the toilet excessively so I try not to mess with the main  food without a reason but use one that has some variety anyway then I just vary what I add to it. I am still not convinced that I am getting it right although she seems happy and healthy. 

It is hard to find a study on nutrition conducted without a possible bias.   :(

Raw feeding / Re: Naturaw
« on: Nov 26, 2018, 07:05 »
It seems like Naturaw are experiencing a stock issue at the moment. see here for their statement on twitter. Bad news for me although hopefully they will be back on track soon. Good news for the planet because hopefully this is an indication that there is a growing demand for eco-friendly packaging.

In terms of the food. I found that my dog has started to gain weight rather rapidly. Took me a while but I realised that in order to feed like for like, I need to add some water to make up the weight to 85 grams for my dog. I tried 65gs this morning and when topped up with water this looked very similar to the consistency of the other raw completes I have fed. The naturaw is pretty dry in comparison. I am assuming this is because it needs to be to prevent leakage through the sugar cane cartons. More good news because it means the food should go further. I am hoping the reduced portion will stabilise her weight but will monitor.

Dog foods / Re: Good (dry) food with a smell?
« on: Nov 25, 2018, 20:56 »
Hello and welcome to the forum,
I haven't fed many dry foods but when I fed Markus Muhle cold pressed food a few years ago, I remember that it had quite a strong smell that my dog seemed to like. I wasn't so keen but then again, I didn't have to eat it. :-\

Edited to add  You could also try adding some warm water to your chosen food. That will release some of the odour and possibly make it more appealing to your dog.

General discussion / Re: issue with Millies Wolfheart
« on: Nov 20, 2018, 19:19 »
Hello and welcome to the forum. Did you ask Millies if they changed the recipe in any way, when you contacted them? Sometimes companies make changes that people aren't aware of. 

It is very hard to say if there is a problem with the food as it may just be coincidence that your dog got ill at that time and sometimes intolerance's do develop over time. . I hope Barney gets better soon and I hope you can find something that agrees with him.

Dog foods / Re: How to gain weight without over-feeding?
« on: Nov 15, 2018, 18:33 »
Hello and welcome to the forum. I am not an expert but can share my personal experience. I have found with some foods that my dog will be eliminating more and will loose weight. As you say, I don't expect feeding more would have solved the problem. When I did that with the last food I tried, she was waking me early because she needed to go to the toilet.  I have found that cold pressed food generally results in stable weight and solid stools, except fourthglade which doesn't seem to agree with my dog  as much as others. I changed to raw because at one time there wasn't much choice of cold pressed foods and they all came in bags too big for my needs.  I was happy with nutriment raw but decided to change as the black plastic cartons are not being recycled in the UK yet.  I tried a couple of different raw foods but they seemed to go through her quickly. Stools weren't soft just frequent and my dog seemed hungry and started eating earth and other stuff. I am now feeding naturaw which has reduced the amount of stools, they are still firm but not too hard. The weight is creeping up to so I will have to reduce portions a bit now and monitor. Nutriment sometimes made her a bit constipated as stools were very hard but small and two a day.  A little veg added to her meals solved this issue. I don't know if you have considered raw but there a a few things to consider, like if you have freezer space or vulnerable people in the house and the hygiene measures needed to reduce any risks.

I would agree that increasing the current food would probably just cause more problems with digestion. Eden do say that loose stools indicate over feeding.

Good luck tinkerbell.  I hope you can find something suitable.

Introductions / Re: Hi From Devon
« on: Nov 10, 2018, 19:01 »
Hello and welcome to the forum. He is a handsome dog.  :)

Introductions / Re: Feeding times
« on: Oct 30, 2018, 22:00 »
A bit of a tricky one. My dog has done well on cold pressed in the past in terms of keeping her full and reducing output. Lukullus is grain free I think, you could check it out. A lot of the cold pressed foods have brown rice in.  It sounds like it may be worth trying something else but since dogs are all different I am not sure what would work for your dog.

Introductions / Re: Feeding times
« on: Oct 30, 2018, 21:44 »
It does seem a  lot of food for his size. Is he going to the toilet much in the day time? As mentioned before I have had to change a couple of foods because my dog lost weight and was hungry even when fed over the RDA. She seemed to go to the toilet much more than when having other foods and I just felt that for some reason they didn't suit her and they were going through her to quickly to be nourishing.

Introductions / Re: Feeding times
« on: Oct 30, 2018, 20:57 »
If he is maintaining, then it is probably the right amount for him. You often have to adjust RDA. I have found that I have had to feed more of some foods in the past, to avoid weight loss but not others.

Introductions / Re: Feeding times
« on: Oct 30, 2018, 20:42 »
I usually make my own biscuits just from oats, rapeseed or coconut oil and a little honey but there are lots of things you can buy.  I have also used Lily's Kitchen bedtime biscuits before. They do a calming one. Most pet food shops will sell a variety of biscuit type treats.

I see the Recommended amount of the wainwrights is two trays per 25kg. How much does your dog weight?

Introductions / Re: Feeding times
« on: Oct 30, 2018, 19:19 »
Hello and welcome to the forum,

Have you tried giving him the whole tray first thing in the morning and maybe a small snack at lunch time or mid afternoon. Also does he have a bedtime biscuit snack.?
My dog was being a bit sick around 4ish when we first had her so I think she was hungry by the time she got her tea. A small biscuit snack around 4.00pm stopped that problem and she always has a biscuit before bed.

I am not sure why he is waking. Maybe if he is a bit hungry, that wakes him and he feels the need to go out to the toilet once awake. I have recently had a similar issue of being woken between 5.00 and 6.00am on occasion after a change in food. My dog lost some weight and was wanting to go out to eat grass. I think she was hungry. She is on a different food now and there have been no further issues so far.

Dog foods / Re: Light dry dog food help please
« on: Oct 30, 2018, 18:59 »
Hello and welcome to the forum, The issue of weight control can be tricky. You can find some information here As you can see from that discussion it can take a lot of playing around with portion size to get the correct amounts.  As he seems to do well on the Simpsons, it may be worth keeping him on it and reducing the portions even more.  No one can really tell you if he has an allergy or what  might be causing a reaction but as the problems started when you changed the food, it is likely that something in the new foods doesn't agree with him. If you enter 'allergies' in the search box, you should find lots of threads with some good advice about how to go about starting an elimination diet to help you identify the allergen. Alternatively you could have him tested.

 What is the situation with extras? If you were looking at an elimination diet, you would need to ensure that at least at first, your dog only has your chosen food. No treats would help with the weight as well.

General dog chat / Re: Non Toxic Flea Treatment
« on: Oct 29, 2018, 18:02 »
Thanks seaweed, I have ordered some and will report back. I opted for the shampoo as my dog is quite happy to be shampooed. I am not sure how she would tolerate being sprayed.

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