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Introductions / Re: Hello
« on: Nov 12, 2019, 18:27 »
Hello and welcome to the forum. Your dogs sound like a lot of fun. What you chose to feed is a very personal thing. If you are interested in any particular type of food, I am sure you will be able to find some information about it somewhere on the forum. Some of our members may also be able to share experiences.

They may help to scrap some plaque off the teeth and also help satisfy the chewing urge.

I had to have my dogs anal glands expressed when I first got her from the shelter but have had no issues since. She was on a cold pressed food for a couple of years. I think as long as stools are fairly firm, anal glands should express without help. Are you finding the stools to be firm on the Gentle? If so, I would continue on that and see if the problem reoccurs.

In some cases, individual  dogs may just be more likely to need help expressing them.

General dog chat / Re: Alabama Rot
« on: Oct 20, 2019, 20:32 »
I recently read that there seems to be a link to harvest mites as affected dogs are often found to have some. However my thoughts are that dogs with harvest mites are probably more likely to have broken skin from scratching or licking which would increase the risk of infection entering the blood stream.  Who knows. it is a worry. I always wash feet when we come back from a walk and also add a little hibiscrub.

I have to say, these days I always tend to look at who is commissioning a study and if it isn't an independent body, I take the findings with a large pinch of salt.

Oats cooked in water and green veg such as cabbage, are  good for adding bulk without adding too many extra calories.

Introductions / Re: New member
« on: Sep 23, 2019, 18:45 »
Hello and welcome to the forum, I would suggest a raw complete, to start with at least, as it can be hard to ensure they getting everything they need. Some raw completes have left my dog hungry or produced lots of stools. Others have made her constipated so it can be trial and error. Most companies have a big variety of flavours. I settled on the one I use now as it seems to suit her and the packaging can all be recycled including the cartons which are often plastic. The ones I get are made from sugar cane and will compost. I do add some veg and a little water to prevent constipation. It is quite dry compared to other raw foods. Any wetter and it might leak through the cartons.

General discussion / Re: Vegan dog food
« on: Sep 20, 2019, 07:01 »
I am vegan myself but don't feel that there is enough information for me to feel confident feeding my dog a vegan diet.  She mostly has a raw food but I do add some veg and a healthy carbohydrate source to try and reduce the overall amount of meat and also because it prevents constipation. 

General discussion / Re: Post operation feeding for dog
« on: Sep 16, 2019, 07:44 »
The others are all good suggestions. It wouldn't hurt to give home cooked for a day or two while waiting for a delivery or even while he recovers. You can include a little calcium by adding some crushed egg shells. Just check which vegetables are okay. I sometimes give my dog brown rice, oats cooked in water, potato, sweet potato, wholemeal pasta. quinoa, or couscous  as a carb source. I hope he recovers soon.

I am not particularly reassured that the carrageenan they use is human grade. I avoid eating anything with it in if I see it listed in the ingredients.

General dog chat / Re: Will the independent vet survive?
« on: Sep 09, 2019, 19:44 »
Sadly I can see this trend growing in both human and animal prescriptions. It is concerning to say the least.

Dog foods / Re: Back to the drawing board...
« on: Sep 05, 2019, 20:54 »
Hello and welcome to the forum,
Such a shame that the food that suited your dog well, was discontinued.  As he did well on cold pressed, try looking at this thread I believe there are some single source protein food on there but not sure which of the top of my head.  The ones that I can think of that don't have chicken as a protein source are black angus by Markus Muhle and lukullus do a beef and trout and duck and lamb variety. 
The food is complete so I wouldn't worry too much if he only wants to eat the dry stuff. Lukullus do smaller bags so it wouldn't be so much waste if he didn't like it.  Good luck.

General dog chat / Re: Flea treatments
« on: Aug 28, 2019, 21:09 »
I have been using the Cooper and Gracie and so far no sign of fleas. I use it every couple of weeks because my dog like to roll!

Dog foods / Re: Different Dog
« on: Aug 20, 2019, 18:20 »
Good to see some companies making these changes. I wouldn't recommend using sticks for  ice lollies if reusing the pots however. I once treated my dog to half a mini milk when she was on holiday only to see the stick going down before I realised what was happening. Luckily a poo on  a stick followed after a couple of days but it was a long worrying wait. :-[ ;D

Raw feeding / Re: Introducing raw food
« on: Aug 20, 2019, 18:10 »
Hello Pam and welcome to the forum. I have often replaced a couple of meals of raw with cold pressed to help with constipation without any issues. These days I tend to add some oats cooked in water to my dogs breakfast and some veg from our dinner with a little brown rice,  quinoa or whatever carb we are having with our dinner, to her dinner. This seems to work well. I usually cook the oats and keep enough for a few days in the fridge. You have to check that the vegetables are dog friendly. I tend to stick to carrots, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, kale. Occasionally sweet potato or squash. Because I am adding carbs, I do reduce the amount of meat.

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