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General discussion / Feeding Advice for Toy Dogs
« on: Jul 14, 2015, 13:28 »
Hi All

I've been a frequent visitor to the site over the last few months learning what is and is not good for my dogs - it's been very helpful!
However, I am still struggling with what to feed my two boys.

I have 2 Chihuahua's - one 11 months and one 4 months. Both are on the small side of the breed. The older one is very fussy, and has a very sensitive stomach. For the first 7 months of his life he was on Royal Canin Toy Puppy food because a) I didnt know better and thought this was a good food and b) it was all he would eat when offered several different types of food.

Having reviewed many feeds on this site I opted to try some samples of Millies Wolfheart Riverside mix, which he loved and seemed to thrive on. We then got our 2nd puppy and he too liked this, but by the end of a 10kg bag (which lasts them quite a long time) the older one had gone off it slightly with his fussiness creeping back in, so I switched them to Millies Wolfheart countryside mix to offer variety. Both LOVE this food, however I'm finding it extrememly hard to balance their feeding amounts with what comes out the other end.

As background, my older Chi has been approx 1.5kgs since he was 4 months old. He has never looked underweight - he is a very fine delicate example of the breed. Since being on the Millies (4 months now) he matured and started to bulk out a little and has now reached a stable 1.8kgs - again, doesnt look under or over weight. The younger of the two at 4months old currently weighs 1.9kgs (he is a more solid build) and looks fantastic on Millies. He has been on it since he was 8 weeks old, his coat shines and he is growing well.

Up until the last couple of weeks they have been eating  20g each for breakfast, 20g each for lunch and 15g each for dinner. I found their poo would more often than not be soft at this level of feed, so I have dropped them down to 15g each for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However their poo is still too soft, and borders some days on being runny - the older one particularly.

I'm hesitant to drop the feed down even less than this as they already look at me once the bowls are empty (usually takes them no more than 30 seconds to wolf down each meal) asking where the rest is, therefore I am in two minds whether to go back onto the Riverside mix from Millies and see how they fare back on that, or to switch to a brand that is more suited to such small dogs, as I feel their needs maybe are not catered to by Millies with it being a "working dog" food.

They are active dogs, and get at least an hours walk each day, with the rest of the waking day spent running around, playing or trick training. They don't live sedentary lives.

Does anyone with toy breeds have any advice, or can anyone offer me the benefit of their knowledge and experience as I cannot go on feeding them the current rate of their current food as the poo situation is far from ideal!

I ideally want to keep both boys on the same food, but am aware that the older one is approaching the 12month age that some manufacturers use as a split for going onto an adult food.

Thanks in advance.

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