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Title: Cold pressed & Raw.....
Post by: Chelle 74 on Aug 01, 2016, 18:21
Hi, I have a 16 week Vizsla who has since coming home at 8 week been fed Nutriment Puppy. However the past week it has become so hard get him to eat it after having no problem before? He will not touch in the morning, but he is obviously hungry ?? he will then eat a little from 11/12 ish but not convincingly like he is 100% enjoying it! . I'm wasting a lot of high end food at the moment due to it being left (and this is not cheap!  :-[) So my question is in relation to Gently and Guru cold pressed, I'm still 100% that raw is best for my pup but if he had gone off his current food then the other next best option from what I can see is cold pressed in the morning and keeping fingers crossed....he will eat raw in the evening? has anyone have any advice / experience of this combination and has it worked for them and what do they feed?? thanks for reading  ;)
Title: Re: Cold pressed & Raw.....
Post by: Dottie on Aug 01, 2016, 20:05
Hello and welcome to the forum. I know someone who has been feeding her two dogs cold pressed in the morning and raw at tea time for some time - both dogs are ok with it. Your dog might enjoy the cold pressed with warm water as this brings out the aroma which is so important to dogs.  I recently saw a Dogs Naturally link on Facebook about how to encourage a reluctant dog to eat raw food. I am sorry that I don't have the article to hand right now.