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Title: Rottweiler Dry Food Help!!
Post by: Buffy_90 on Feb 22, 2018, 18:03
Hi all

I am new to the site so bare with me a little 

I have recently adopted a 7 yr old Rottweiler (Buffy) from the RSPCA she has no known health issues however she is suffering a little from dry skin. She has been fed on the RSPCA dry food which I do not know much about however I would like to swap her to a better food that is going to aid her coat and skin if possible. I have looked into Fish4Dogs and Arden Grange but I am stumped as there is too much choice! I am open to new suggestions but would like to keep her on dry food if poss. Ive also been feeding her a tin of sardines in sunflower oil once a week to help which it has a little but not enough. I have purchased a furminator to brush her daily as she sheds alot!! Look forward to hearing of you all 

Title: Re: Rottweiler Dry Food Help!!
Post by: Tinyplanets on Feb 22, 2018, 19:16
Hello and welcome to the forum. For a dog with no specific health issues, It is hard for members to recommend a particular food as all dogs are different and finding one that suits and that your dog likes, is mostly trial and error. You can look at this thread ( for advice on how to use the quick search tool and find some different foods. If you find one that you like the look of, feel free to ask about it as some members may have had experience feeding it.

I haven't used them myself but it might be worth adding some fish or flax seed oil to her diet to see if it helps her skin. Good Luck.
Title: Re: Rottweiler Dry Food Help!!
Post by: COASTER on Feb 22, 2018, 23:59
I will echo the sentiments above.

I would probably choose Fish 4 dogs over said get back to us re any other foods you like look of.

Decent grooming is a good idea. I have a ferminator...they can provide good results but go easy to start with...especially if skin is really dry. You don't want sore patches or a patchy uneven coat.

Title: Re: Rottweiler Dry Food Help!!
Post by: Meg on Feb 23, 2018, 00:40
Hello Buffy_90 and welcome to the forum!

Lovely to hear you have taken Buffy into your care. Well done you!

  I'd want to find out if possible what was the RSPCA food that she was eating. That might enable you to work out what may need adding in her diet. For example, if the change to her food is solely due to her dry skin then you'd want to be thinking about increasing her levels of omega 3 and 6 and vitamin E. This may be achieved by a different food or alternatively, adding an acceptable supplement of your choice such as Yumega.

Coaster raises a good point and that is use of a furminator - these tools, whilst excellent, are in my view, for extra gentle use only....  For her moulting I'd want to suggest perhaps using a soft brush and gentle wide-toothed comb as these may be adequate and could help to condition her skin too.
Title: Re: Rottweiler Dry Food Help!!
Post by: Dottie on Feb 23, 2018, 07:24
Hello and welcome to the forum.  Has as been said, finding something suitable can be trial and error. You want to be looking for food with oil/s and no red ingredients. 

All dogs are different and this may, or may not help but FWIW I will share the experience of one of my own dogs.  She had a long standing skin problem - it was dry, itchy and she used to have occasional hot spots where it would break down.  I tried various products including a short spell on raw food. Fish4Dogs didn't really suit her and I now think it is because she doesn't do very well with white potato. Also, she reacts to high cereal content products - I recall that her skin was terrible on James Wellbeloved Adult.  I now stick to food that has either brown rice or sweet potato as the carbohydrate source. She is also OK with butternut squash.

I tried Yumega Itchy Dog and it helped.  I also changed her to cold pressed food and was able to stop the Yumega Itchy Dog. She's been on cold pressed food for about two years now and her skin hasn't broken down since. The product that I use contains four types of oil, Evening Primrose, Linseed, Rapeseed and Fish Oil.

I agree that it's helpful to pay a lot of attention to grooming, particularly in the moult season. Whenever I bath my dogs (not often) I use Sebocalm and find it very good because it is gentle, hydrates the skin and is soapless. Would also recommend that you see the vet if there are any broken areas (usually done by the dog scratching) because bacterial infection can make things much worse. A course of antibiotics usually clears that up. Whichever product you change to, it will take a little while before you see any changes so be patient.
Title: Re: Rottweiler Dry Food Help!!
Post by: Buffy_90 on Feb 23, 2018, 09:58
Hi all

Thanks for the replies and super advice