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Title: Feeding dogs with health problems - information needed
Post by: Dottie on Feb 08, 2015, 11:10
In order to help members who ask for advice in feeding their dog with health problems, we need the following information: 
Breed of dog
Diet - please include current food and any products that you have tried in the past.  Please include feeding amounts and treats.
Weight to include current weight and ideal weight
Nature of the problem, including how long your dog has had it.
Known allergies/intolerances.
General health.
Veterinary consultations - include any advice and medication that was given.

We would therefore ask members to provide this information.  If it is not provided we can help by copying and pasting a template containing these areas into the original post.  The member can then go back into their post to modify it with the relevant information.

Update of threads
We know how busy people are these days and how easy it is to forget, but we would also ask that, (if possible) members update their threads please.  The information may be helpful to someone further down the line and feedback furthers the knowledge of those of us who have tried to assist.
Thank you.  :)