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Title: Best food for a pug
Post by: Gary on Mar 26, 2015, 04:17
Am looking for the best quality food for my 3 year old pug dry or wet? Thanks
Title: Re: Best food for a pug
Post by: Dottie on Mar 26, 2015, 07:13
Hello and welcome to the forum. It is more helpful for dog owners to learn a bit about canine nutrition rather than someone suggest this or that product.  All dogs are different and have varying nutritional needs.  You haven't told us anything about your dog, for instance  is he of correct weight and what is his activity level?  Is he a healthy dog? Does he have a clear eyes, ears, nose, skin and coat?  Why are you looking to change his food?  What is your Pug currently on and what  have you tried in the past?  Sometimes owners have a feeling about which sort of food their dog does best on. 

These days we are fortunate to have a lot of very good quality foods and choosing one can be confusing. Here are a few pointers on what to look for:
* Have a look at this thread (
* Use the Dog Food Directory
here (  Look at the Filters on the left and select the ones that are relevant to your dog.  As a start, I would recommend that you tick/select the following:
Type of Food - dry and wet complete.
Food Properties - natural and clearly labelled. If you prefer grain free and hypoallergenic then tick those too.
Rating - move the slider to the rating of your choice.  Four to five stars will select the higher quality foods.
Avoid Ingredients - tick 'all red' and if you want to go grain free, tick that box too.
You can tweak these boxes according to your own personal preferences.

Click on 'Go' and you should find several pages of suitable products.  All you have to do now is go through each one to see which one you consider to be best for your dog.  If you find one or more and want to have a chat about it, please post back into your thread.

On the subject of dry or wet, it is a personal choice.  Wet food is probably more palatable and smells more interesting so for fussy dogs it might be the best option.  Some people find it difficult to get the quantity right with wet food but it can be weighed just the same as kibble.  Remember that adding warm water to kibble and then making it into a crumble can improve palatability and also slow down fast eaters.