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The cruciate is frayed ( she had an Xray last week ) and my vet feels that with rest and loss of weight she may avoid the op, however it may be on the horizon should things not improve.

Many thanks for your reply.
Yes she has been spayed, but out of all our 7 dogs she is the only one with a weight problem. However I feel I have to follow my vets advice as if my dogs limp get any worse then the vet will blame me for not following her advice. I think I am stuck with feeding this for a couple of months and hopefully she will lose weight, then I can think about changing the food, at least this way the vet will see that I listened and followed her advice.

BTW vet has told me to feed half tin wet and 43 g dry at each meal, both in the Royal Canin Obesity Diet but I did not question this, however in 4 weeks when we go back again for a check I will ask if I can cut out the wet.
My dog was abandoned and was living rough for some time and was very ill with lung worm and infections when I took her on almost 2 years ago, so food is very important for her after nearly starving in her 'past life'

Feeding dogs with health problems / Newby advice please
« on: Mar 22, 2015, 15:09 »
We have 7 rescue dogs, all very loved and fit and well, except one. She is a 6 year old Beagle and only has to look at food to put on weight. She has been fed Arden Grange Lamb the same as the others, however I have dropped her feeding quantities down and now she has less than my little Patterdale, but she is always hungry and still putting on weight.
She has a slight cruciate problem and is on cage rest, which doesn't help the weight loss, but the vet has put her on Royal Canin Obesity Diet as it essential for the weight to go for the sake of her leg.
This food is so expensive and the ingredients are not very good, but I feel obligated to feed her this as my vet insists it is the only way.
I have bought a 14kg bag of the dry and 24 tins of the wet as she is on a mix of both ( 85g of dry and 1 tin wet daily) The tins are just on £2 each plus the dry kibble which on a pension and 6 other dogs is a lot to find, however if it works it will be worth every penny. ( my dogs eat before me !!) but if I am wasting money needlessly on something just so my vet can make money then I begrudge doing so.
I would be very grateful for any advice or feedback ( excuse the pun)

Introductions / Hi
« on: Mar 22, 2015, 14:53 »
I have been on the website many many times but am new to the forum. We have 7 rescue dogs of all shapes and sizes so dog food is a very important topic for our family as you can imagine.
I just wanted to say hello and many thanks for all the wonderful dog food descriptions and advice as feeding animals is a bit of a minefield.

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