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Site help and suggestions / Re: Response to advice
« on: May 16, 2020, 16:26 »
Thanks for the answer - even if the Login were within the 'frame' of the response this would help. People just don't want to have to hunt around.
Judging from the sorts who are asking for advice I'm sure they can't all be rude. And would like to thanks the advice-giver. As you say - follow up is really handy too so people don't keep asking the same things.

It's perhaps worth researching how other sites are doing it. We can learn a lot that way and there is no copyright on ideas!
I think often there is a link embedded in the email eg 'Read email' which clicked goes straight through to Login page, there login details are retained. So we just hit 'Sign in'. Two clicks. This is what Tesco does.


Site help and suggestions / Response to advice
« on: May 16, 2020, 13:05 »
I'd like to suggest that responses forwarded/alerted via email should clearly state that login is required in order to respond.
The interface makes it look as if one is already logged in. After several minutes of trying to respond I was about to give up when I saw the tiny Login button hidden at top right.

If I may - I think that might be why new users never return to acknowledge the assistance. They simply give up and then life crowds in

There can also be a tendency to 'subject creep' on many sites which means you can't get back to where you just were. I just had this in trying to get to the 'New user guidance' so I could post this. But I can't find it now.

Best wishes

Thank you for the direction, Tinyplanets
Will review those threads.

Ha ha! He has ingested drugs and kindling so far in the city
I'm sure he supplemented his diet with figs and compost in his other, rural life.

Tried to post yesterday but nothing appeared.

Have 11 yo Border terrier with collapsed trachea - have just adopted him from my father. His weight has been kept light all his life to reduce cough but it means he his hungry/whines all the time.
Now on Canagan Plaque off - got small breed 6kg bag by accident so he inhales the small biscuits but think it is more nourishing overall - less poop produced than Harringtons.
On 3 small meals a day - still hungry, whining for snacks/food etc
Am playing, food-seeking, raw veg snacks, far more attention than before. Still always on the mooch for something to eat.

He is now in a flat - 2 walks a day, as opposed to wandering freely round a large garden. is he just bored?

Any thoughts on managing this very welcome

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