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Thank you for the replies, yes our lab is on a wet food, grain free Butchers.  However looking at the ingredients for all the varieties, chicken is the main ingredient.  I will be looking at other feeds which only contain one protein.  Not keen on the vet's suggestions as he is not showing any other symptoms .

Thanks for the replies so far. Our lab only suffers with the ears. His coat is in excellent condition.
The vet recommended changing his diet due to the frequency of the problems with the ears.  With a diet elimination diet, i understand that this involves treats etc.

Good Morning

I  have just joined the forum, so hello to everyone.

My 4 year old lab - Roo is constantly getting ear infections, caused by yeast.  He has had his ears thoroughly cleaned under anesthetic, Various courses of steriods, ear washes and drops. The vet now is recommending a food elimination diet and has recommended Royan Canin HP,Purina Pro Plan HA, and Hills Z/D/  Looking at the reviews on here, they aren't great.  He is currently fed Butchers wet food, grain free, which he loves.
Looking at trying Fish 4 Dogs or Barking Heads Fish n Delish.  I would welcome any suggestions.

Thank you

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