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General discussion / Re: Smaller kibble food for lab puppy
« on: Dec 02, 2020, 12:06 »
Thanks so much for your reply, Dottie. I think I'll keep using up the Eukanuba as a small proportion of his food, to provide content for the puzzle and food dispensing Kong. I'll also investigate alternative main foods. To be fair, probably the foods that are intended for puppies will also have smaller kibble, its just that we went for a non-puppy-specific food.

Just to clarify, we mix up high value treats and lower value kibble - higher value for recall etc, kibble for practicing loose leash walking. 

General discussion / Smaller kibble food for lab puppy
« on: Nov 30, 2020, 20:16 »
Hi there

We have an 18-week old lab puppy, Rio. The breeder was feeding him Eukanuba large puppy so we bought a bag of that for him to eat to start with, though thinking of changing it in due course. He's had some stomach problems since he's been with us -turns out he had giardia -but they're hopefully settled now.

I bought a bag of Millie's Wolfheart Salmon and Veg as I liked what I read about it, I'm happy with it so far (not been on it long!) except that the size of the kibble is a lot bigger. It's not that he can't cope with it, but we use his food a lot for treat, in puzzle and a Kong food dispenser, and it's too big for all of those really. Can anyone recommend a decent quality/not massively expensive food that's a bit smaller?

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