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Hi Dottie

Many apologies - I got the name wrong - was posting late as I finished work late last night. The name is FreshPet. I hadn't thought of ringing the manufacturers but I will try that. I did look at their Facebook page but everything seemed linked to the US even though I put FreshPet UK. I'm just not wanting to keep swapping him around things as he does have quite a sensitive stomach.

Another thing (and I do feel bad saying it) as you said is that it's not cheap. The bill for Lily's Kitchen was getting silly and although FreshPet was expensive it was at half the price. I'll try and hunt down a number for the manufacturer now.

Many thanks

I quite recently changed by bichon frise over from Lily's Kitchen to FreshPet. He seemed to really like the chicken and turkey ones (the wet food) though was sick straight after eating the beef. After getting him settled onto it, it now seems to have run out of stock everywhere. I've Googled a bit and, although FreshPet isn't mentioned, I've found that there seem to be national shortages of dog food. I'm wondering whether I should try and do some home cooking short term or move him to something like Butternut Box. He got quite ill last year with pancreatis and I was convinced the Lily's Kitchen was a part of it (no proof of course). But I want to avoid lots of changes for him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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